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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs (Fri)


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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

BOSTON (Wireless Flash) -- If you think you're hot stuff, your name may tell otherwise. A Massachusetts-based scientist did a study by putting pictures up on the website amihotornot.com where web surfers rate the photos based on looks. When linguist Amy Perfors put the same picture with two different names, users ranked male name with vowel sounds formed at the front of the mouth -- like Matt -- "hotter" than male names with vowel sounds at the back of the mouth -- like Paul. The opposite held true for women.

NEW YORK -- A Martha Stewart make-over is in the making. The website worth1000.com held a contest asking for photoshop images of how the amateur artists might improve Stewart's prison cell for her during her five-month visit. Entries range from a cell decorated to look like a bathroom with "Hers and Hers" towels, to an electric chair with hand-painted flowers on the seat. A feature of the entries will appear in the next issue of "Star" magazine.

LONDON -- Female British Olympic triathletes have had to install "modesty panels" into their bathing suits after discovering the white Lycra fabric becomes transparent in water. The team's seamstress sewed extra layers of fabric onto the chests of 16 suits which will be worn in competition, reports London's "Sun" tabloid.

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