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The Talon House

The Religeous Horse


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The Religeous Horse

A man named Mr.MaGloo was coming home from the market.He spotted a beatiful horse with rippling muscles on his way home.He left his groceries at home and went strait back to the horse.He struck a deal with the owner and at the last minute the owner said "We are a religeous family,so we have taught our horse about that.If you want him to gallop say"Thank God",and if you want to stop you say"Our Father who art in heaven".So the man jumped on the horse and said "Thank God.After a few miles there was a cliff ahead.He couldn't think of the verse to make the horse stop.He finally yelled out 2 feet ahead of the cliff"Our Father who art in heaven!"The horse stopped and the man got out a hankerchief and said "Whew,Thank God....

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