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Police hunt gorilla-suited prankster


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Police hunt gorilla-suited prankster

Austrian police are hunting a person wearing a gorilla suit who has been terrorising pensioners by leaping out of bushes on narrow rural paths.

The 'gorilla' has appeared several times on paths near the towns of St. Margarethen, Rust and Oggau in Austria.

Ten sightings have been reported to the police so far, and the mysterious gorilla has become the number-one topic of conversation in the area.

"This can't be a normal person," said Gunther Seelinger, 68, who had seen the gorilla. "He must be certifiably mad."

"It's really horrifying when a gorilla suddenly jumps out in front of you," said another pensioner.

Others think teenagers are behind the prank, daring each other to dress as a gorilla and frighten people.

"We don't see the gorilla on really hot days," said Ide Doringer, 67, adding "It must be really hot inside that suit."


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