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The Talon House

His Hand


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I used to reach for your hand when I was smaller

Now sometimes I push it away.

But I’ll never forget how you still loved me

the day I told you I was gay.

We fight a lot and you still yell at me

Every time I act like I don’t care

But the truth is I still idolize you

From the way that you walk

To the clothes that you wear.

God blessed me with you

But you say that I’m wrong

You call me the blessing

Somehow you stay strong.

You’re the man in my life

and you’ve taught me so much.

How to be my own man

How to always stay tough.

I know you panic whenever I’m sick

But then I get better and act like a prick

Still you know I love you

Even if I act out

I hope in your heart there’s never a doubt

Just because I’m not little

I hope you understand.

I’ll always be willing to hold my dads hand

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