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The Talon House

My mom


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My Mom by Nick

I can’t describe it

When you hug me tight

But there’s something about your touch

That makes me feel safe at night

The glow on your face

The look in your eyes

The tenderness of your voice

You can’t be replaced

Maybe you didn’t have me

But I don’t care

If I held that against you

It wouldn’t be fair

Because I love you so much

And I always will

Words can’t express

How I really feel

I still call you Miss Lori

But I want you to know

You’re really my mom

In my heart and my soul

I remember the day

You became my dads wife

That’s when I knew

You’d always be in my life

I’m sorry for the times I messed up

And didn’t appreciate what I had

I guess sometimes I forget

And I know I treated you bad

But the love I feel

Is set in stone

You turned this house

Into a happy home

Happy Mothers Day

I love you

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