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I'll stand and fight

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I’ll stand and fight by Nick

We just got the news

and I feel real numb

I have to accept

Whatever’s to come

Now everyone’s worried

and my dad looks scared

But my only worry

is if I’ll lose my hair

You see I won’t cry

and I won’t give up

Because I’m a fighter

I have to live up

To the standards I’ve set

I won’t ever let up

If it’s Gods plan

for me to die

Then Glory be to God

and you won’t see me cry

I won’t question His will

I have way too much faith

I’ll go like a soldier

If He takes me this way

But while I have life

in my body there’s hope

So I promise to fight

my way off the ropes

I love everyone around me

I have a good life

I need to keep moving

I have stories to write

But if the day comes

and my life has to end

Give praise to God

and I’ll see you again

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