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Toilet tank traps kitten


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Toilet tank traps kitten

A kitten finds himself in toilet trouble after getting wedged into a hole in the water tank of trashed commode.


By Kevin Wadlow Senior Staff Writer kwadlow@keynoter.com

Posted-Friday, May 26, 2006 7:14 PM EDT



But rescuers flush him out rattled but OK

A trashed toilet spelled trouble for a curious Key Largo kitten this week.

“I've seen cats stuck in a lot of places, but I'd never seen this before,” said Marsha Garrettson, manager at the Key Largo Animal Shelter.

A man walked into the shelter Wednesday carrying “what seemed to be a box,” Garrettson said. “Then I saw a cat head stuck in a pipe.”

The young male kitten, estimated to be no more than 10 weeks old, tried to crawl through a plastic pipe in the water tank of a discarded toilet. He made it in, but didn't make it out.

Dave Vargas, working maintenance behind Trade Winds Plaza in Key Largo, investigated a strange noise coming from a wooded area.

“I was kind of shocked when I saw what it was,” Vargas said. “I tried to get him out, but couldn't. Then I took the whole thing to the shelter.”

Vargas said he “felt bad” because he'd heard the noises for three days. “I thought it was a tree frog,” he said. “That's what it sounded like.”

“People shouldn't throw their trash around because this is what happens,” said Vargas, himself the owner of three cats.

At the shelter, said Garrettson, “Instead of getting the first-aid kit, this time I went for the tool box. I was looking for anything to get him out of there.”

Armed with hardware, Vargas and Garrettson soon cut away the plastic pipe and freed the kitten.

“He definitely was in distress and wailing,” Garrettson said. “I can't imagine how many days the poor cat was stuck like that.”

The kitten was dehydrated and a little the worse for the experience - he suffered scratches, some swelling and a few lost teeth - but generally healthy.

“He was a little wobbly at first but very soon he was a happy, purring kitten,” Garrettson said. “He was a very lucky kitten that somebody like Mr. Vargas was around.”

The kitten, unnamed at press time - Flush was suggested - received veterinary care and soon will be up for adoption.

“It's a example of how cats outside and unattended can get in trouble,” Garrettson said. “A nice inside home would be best.”

“I hope he gets adopted soon,” Vargas said. “He deserves it after what he's been through.”

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