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Focus Fights Gay Charges


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Focus Fights Gay Charges

by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

July 20, 2006 - 12:01 am ET

(Denver, Colorado) The conservative Focus on the Family struck back Wednesday at allegations it "twisted" research on gays for its own political agenda.

On Monday New York University professor Dr. Judith Stacey accused FOF of misleading the public in statements about a study in which she was involved on youth suicide. (story)

The study found that LGBT teens were more apt to attempt suicide than other students.

Following the release of the study FOF distributed statements claiming the study showed the increased rate of suicide attempts on "pro-gay advocates'' who tell gays and lesbians they were born gay and must "embrace homosexuality.''

Wednesday Focus said it stood by its interpretation of the data from the study.

The group also unveiled a new TV commercial to run in Colorado to counter one financed by the the Gill Foundation to foster a debate on "nurture vs nature", whether sexuality is genetically determined or a matter of choice.

The ads were produced by the liberal group Public Interest TV.

They feature a puppy is named Norman who moos instead of barking. Norman is a metaphor for people who are born different; like gays.

FOF Wednesday premiered its own puppy - named Sherman who barks. The commercial called Dogs Don't Moo is aimed at claiming homosexuality is not genetic and the Gill ads were created to further a pro-gay political agenda.

FOF is a major funder of the so-called ex-gay movement.

As Focus was showing off the ad campaign to reporters members of Soulforce were continuing their trek from Denver to Colorado Springs, the home of FOF.

The march took off Monday from in front of the state Capitol with participants spending a day each in a relay that will end Saturday.

Today, 34 families, including one same-sex family with triplets marched in near-100-degree temperatures. Every few miles the Soulforce bus would pull up beside them to offer water.

"We march today to bring [FOF founder] James Dobson the truth," said Jeff Lutes, executive director of Soulforce. "His misinformation, his rhetoric hurts us, and it's wrong."

Saturday actor Chad Allen and Judy Shepard, executive director of The Matthew Shepard Foundation, will lead a final 2-mile march from Rampart Park in Colorado Springs to the headquarters of Focus on the Family.

Soulforce this spring sponsored a 51 day cross-country trip to draw attention to schools that bar gay enrolment.

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