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Sex-starved wife calls police for help


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Sex-starved wife calls police for help

August 3, 2006 - 9:14PM

Source: The Age Newspaper

Police in the German city of Aachen received an unusual call for help when a woman telephoned to complain her husband was not fulfilling his sexual obligations.

After the couple had been sleeping in separate beds for several months without intimate contact, the 44-year-old woman woke the husband, 45, in the middle of the night and demanded he satisfy her needs, police spokesman Paul Kemen said on Thursday.

When her advances were refused, a row broke out and she called the police and asked them to intervene, he added.

"The police officials did not feel able to resolve the dispute, let alone issue any kind of official order," Kemen said.

"And because no crime or infringement could be identified, all they could do was file a report in case intervention might be required at a later date," he added.

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