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8 great reasons to have a gay friend

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8 great reasons to have a gay friend



August 3, 2006

If you've never wandered down to either Davie or Pacific streets on Pride weekend, you've missed out.

However, this excursion is not for the faint-of-heart. The parade traditionally starts with "dykes on bikes."

Many of these girls, you'll discover, left their bras at home.

It gets even racier.

But if you take a moment to look at the crowd you'll see a surprising number of "straights."

Why are they here?

They're with their gay friends is the simple answer, but what's to be gained from having gay and lesbian friends.

Here are the eight great reasons to have a gay friend.

1 Something to celebrate? Gay men always have champagne. Not only that, they'll have the good French stuff.

2 Flat-pack furniture from Sweden? Lesbian friends generally have more power tools than Home Depot. Give her a call and your new shelf unit will be up in a snap.

3 Got any sex questions? Try and make your gay and lesbian friends blush - I dare you! You'll learn things that would have you arrested in other countries.

4 In need of a makeover? Your new gay friends will make you over faster than the Fab Five from Queer Eye and you'll save yourself the air fare to New York.

5 Just got dumped? Gays and lesbians understand breakups - they will have had plenty. We'll have you over them so fast you won't have time to reach for the ice-cream.

6 Bored and poor on Sunday? The Pumpjack pub has cheap drinks on a Sunday but you'll DEFINITELY need a gay friend as a chaperone or you'll be eaten by the bears.

7 No view of the fireworks? Get yourself an invite to your gay friend's place - he'll have cocktails, canapes and a great view from his roof in the West End.

8 Don't understand fags? Having gay and lesbian friends will open your eyes to a whole new world of understanding, tolerance plus all the stereotypical stuff too.

So drop everything and get acquainted with a gay or lesbian near you before noon on Sunday - life is better when you can see the rainbow.

- Michael Ford is the media director for the Vancouver Gay Pride parade.

This was found this on the entertainment page of this canadian web-site. Obviously this was meant for humor and was written tongue-in-cheek in anticipation of their Pride weekend, yet it really seems to me this simply perpetuates more stereotypes than anything for a str8 person who may read it.

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