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Congressional Candidate's Identity Used On Web Site To Attack Her Stand On Gays


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Congressional Candidate's Identity Used On Web Site To Attack Her Stand On Gays

by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

August 2, 2006 - 9:00 pm ET

(Cape Girardeau, Missouri) Someone is using the name of a Democratic congressional candidate for a Web site criticizing her.

Veronica Hambacker says someone has stolen her name and used it to launch a Web site that criticizes her stance on the right for gay couples to adopt children, the Southeast Missourian reported Wednesday. Hambacker is seeking the Democratic nomination to run against incumbent Republican Rep. Jo Ann Emerson in November.

Emerson's campaign denied having anything to do with the Web site.

The Southeast Missourian said whoever launched the phony Web site protected their identity by paying an extra fee to an Internet service company.

When Hambacker's name is typed in as an Internet address, it leads to a site that outlines Hambacker's stance on gay adoption, then calls Emerson "a strong supporter of traditional marriage." The Web site then automatically redirects viewers to Emerson's campaign site for the November congressional race in Missouri's 8th District.

"This is exactly what's wrong with American politics," Hambacker said. "The whole reason I'm running is to try to do away with this type of garbage and trash. It seems like every race becomes all about some dirty little detail instead of the large policy issues."

Josh Haynes, special projects manager for Emerson, said her campaign wants the site taken down.

"We don't approve of it and it's not something we've done or would do," Haynes said. "This may be someone who is trying to help with the campaign, but this is not the way to do it."

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