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Lesbian p*** Images Used To Discredit GOP Candidate


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Lesbian p*** Images Used To Discredit GOP Candidate

by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

August 10, 2006 - 9:00 pm ET

(Las Vegas, Nevada) Images from a lesbian adult video are being used to discredit Barbara Lee Woollen who is seeking the Republican nomination to run for lieutenant governor.

A pictures of the video box are among three adult videos - "Women: Stories of Passion," "Dead Sexy" and "Red Shoe Diaries" that her opponent, Brian Krolicki is using in a TV commercial that claims Woollen has ties to the pornography business.

Woollen owns a motion picture equipment rental business that leases cameras, lights and other equipment to moviemakers in Nevada but she denies any involvement with the making of the videos.

This week a Las Vegas judge refused to grant Woollen an injunction barring the broadcast of the commercial.

District Judge Valerie Adair said the ad's claims might be exaggerated but political speech must be protected.

"Many political ads are exaggerated and they are misleading and I myself have been a victim of one of those ads," Adair said in her ruling.

"The bottom line however, is that this is not something that is based in an absolute falsehood. Whether it is exaggerated or not, there is some truth here."

Woollen still has a libel and slander lawsuit pending against Krolicki and several members of his campaign staff over the commercial.

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