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Kids Confess To Hotel's Rainbow Flag Theft


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Kids Confess To Hotel's Rainbow Flag Theft

by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

August 15, 2006 - 11:00 am ET

(Meade, Kansas) Two local boys have admitted to the theft of a rainbow flag that divided a town and led to a series of homophobic attacks on a town hotel.

Until this summer sleepy Meade, Kansas was known only as the home of the Dalton Gang Museum. Now it has the reputation of being a town where homophobia runs rampant.

It all began when the son of J.R. and Robin Knight presented them with a colorful flag he'd picked up in California.

He said it reminded him of the movie "The Wizard of Oz" and the Knights put it up in front of the hotel they run in town.

For some in the community the rainbow was like putting a red flag in front of a charging bull.

As controversy over the flag grew it mysteriously disappeared. The Knights were not about to be cowed, telling the local newspaper they were not giving in to intolerance and would replace the flag - and keep doing so for as long flags disappeared.

Then a brick was hurled through the hotel's front window.

Now a local man has brought his two sons to the Knight's Lakeway Hotel to confess and apologize for stealing the flag.

"They apologized and said they'd replace it," J.R. Knight tells The Hutchinson News.

But Knight says he still does not know who smashed the window. The brick had the word "fag" painted on it. Knight says that the window will cost about $500. Two neon beer signs destroyed in the attack will cost another $1,000 he estimated.

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