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Man Charged In Giuliani Gay Aide Slaying


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Man Charged In Giuliani Gay Aide Slaying

by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

August 30, 2006 - 1:00 pm ET, Updated 3:00 pm ET

(New York City) New York City police Wednesday charged a 26 year old man with murder in the killing of Martin Barreto a gay former aide to Rudy Giuliani.

Edwin Ramos, 26, is described as a drug addict who is homeless and works occasionally as a day laborer.

Police said they believe the two men met for the first time on the street and Barreto invited Ramos home. After going to the apartment, the pair became involved in a dispute that ended in his death, police said.

Investigators Wednesday would not say if Ramos is under investigation for the murder of David Webb, a chef at one of the city's most exclusive hotels and whose killing bears similarities to that of Barreto's.

Both men were considered wealthy, both were strangled, and both were discovered naked. In neither case was there any sign of a break-in.

Barreto's nude body was found a week ago in the bedroom of the million-dollar Greenwich Village apartment of a cousin with whom he frequently stayed. (story)

"His larynx was crushed like an eggshell," one investigator reportedly said at the time. Police said that a condom wrapper was found near the body and that it appeared Barreto, 49, and his killer had sex shortly before the killing.

News reports said that Barreto was known to have hired hustlers and engaged in rough sex.

Several of Barreto's friends told the News that Barreto three yeas ago had complained about being stalked by a former flame and obtained restraining orders several years ago against the man in New York and Miami.

The arrest of Ramos came by chance. Investigators were seeking information on him at an employment agency that had hired him when Ramos walked in seeking back-pay, police said Wednesday.

Under questioning, police said, Ramos implicated himself in the killing.

During the Giuliani administration Barreto dealt with the Hispanic press for the mayor. Most recently he was a partner in a Manhattan public relations firm.

He a former radio journalist he served on the board of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists from 1993 to 1996.

David Webb, 44, was found naked and strangled in the living room of his Westchester home by a housemate just a day after the Barreto slaying.

Webb was the chef at the Benjamin Hotel, one of New York City's most exclusive inns.

Police in Westchester County have several times with New York City police to compare notes on the two investigations but declined Wednesday to comment on the case.

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