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Man Allegedly Tells Police He Stole Pot


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Man Allegedly Tells Police He Stole Pot

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, Sep. 30, 2006


(AP) A man who police say was caught with two pounds of marijuana allegedly told officers the drug wasn't his because he stole it.

Bradley Robison, 18, of Cedar Rapids, was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and failure to affix a drug tax stamp.

When police found him with the marijuana, he said he had stolen it from a nearby business that he had just broken into, court records show.

Linn County Attorney Harold Denton said it doesn't matter how Robison got the marijuana _ only that he had it.

"If you steal it, you steal it and you possess it," Denton said. "It's a double whammy."

Robison was caught by officers after they saw him running from the area early Tuesday, police said.

A burglary charge was being considered but had not been immediately filed.

The investigation also led to a possession with intent to deliver charge being filed against Ruban Rivas, 36, for allegedly having the marijuana at the business that Robison broke into, court records show.

Both men were taken to jail but later released.


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