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Teen Sentenced To 10 Years For Gay Bashing


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Teen Sentenced To 10 Years For Gay Bashing

by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

October 4, 2006 - 9:00 pm ET

(San Diego, California) A 15 year old boy who took part in the beatings of gay men as they left San Diego pride festivities in July was sentenced Wednesday to 10 years in custody.

Because of his age the teen's name cannot be made public. In handing down the sentence Juvenile Court Judge Theodore Weathers said the attacks were “horrific” and “beyond comprehension.”

Six men were attacked as they left Balboa Park where San Diego's gay pride was being held on July 29. The victims were taunted with homophobic remarks then beaten.

At least two of the victims were struck by a baseball bat. One of them was hit nearly a dozen times and required reconstructive surgery on his face. Another victim received a non life threatening stab wound.

Three adults who were involved in the attacks received prison terms two weeks ago ranging from 32 months to 11 years. (story)

The teens lawyer told Judge Weathers on Wednesday that his client was a follower and not one of the ringleaders in the attack. Attorney Robert Bourne called for counseling, substance abuse treatment and vocational training.

The District Attorney's office said that wasn't enough.

The teen pleaded guilty on September 19 to three counts of assault with a deadly weapon that included hate-crime sentencing enhancements.

Witnesses identified the teen as one of those wielding a bat.

He will spend his incarceration at a youth facility.

During the preliminary hearing for the three adults one of the victims described how he was struck by a baseball bat, then called 911 and began following the men as they continued their rampage. (story)

Paul Mullins, 34, said he realized he was outnumbered but followed the gang to help police. After hitting him twice with a baseball bat the gang next went after a man who was sitting on a bench. "They just beat him ... They just kept beating him," Mullins testified.

The gang then attacked another man in some bushes. "They yelled 'faggot' at him," Mullins told the court.

He said that he yelled to the victim that police were on the way. One of the attackers then told the others "We've got to get out of here."

Following Mullins testimony James Carroll, 24; Lyonn Tatum, 18; and Kenneth Lincoln, 24, suddenly changed their pleas to guilty.

Under a plea bargain accepted Monday by Judge Frederick Maguire, Carroll will serve 11 years in prison, Tatum eight years and Lincoln 32 months.

As part of the deal all three were required to detail their rolls in the attacks. Carroll admitted using a bat in carrying out a hate crime. Tatum admitted to using a knife and committing a hate crime and Lincoln admitted to being an accessory after the fact for shaving Tatum's head and putting tattoos on him in an effort to conceal his identity.

Both Carroll and Lincoln have criminal records. Lincoln was on parole in connection with another crime when he was arrested.

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