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Wedding ban for the bride-to-be who said: I don't


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Wedding ban for the bride-to-be who said: I don't

By Our Foreign Staff

Last Updated: 1:58am GMT 06/01/2007

Source: The Telegraph

A wedding was postponed after a woman said "no" as a joke when asked if she took her fiancé as her husband.

Despite protests from a now blushing bride, Tina Albrecht, 27, the officiating registrar in Steyr, Austria, cancelled the wedding for 10 weeks in line with local law.

Guests at the heavily attended castle ceremony were told to go home because there was nothing they could do to change the decision.

Miss Albrecht, who was due to marry Dietmar Koch, 29, said: "We had to send all our guests home and now we have to wait until March. In retrospect, it was probably not that funny." Officials told the Oberoesterreichische Nachrichten newspaper that the cancellation was to ensure that the bride was not consenting to the union under pressure from her family.

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