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Very Fat Cat Gets Stuck In Doggie Door


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Very Fat Cat Gets Stuck In Doggie Door


January 11, 2007


The Oregon Humane Society recovered a 20.2-pound stray cat that was found halfway stuck in a doggie door Wednesday in Gresham, Ore.

The Humane Society said the cat was trying to steal food from a home that had put out food for its own cats.

"I heard quite a ruckus when I went into my garage," said Jadwiga Drozdek, who cares for six cats at her Gresham home. "It was hilarious to see this big cat struggling to get in. I helped him out of the door and gave him a plate of food on the patio."

The cat was described as "unusually large" by the Humane Society and was nicknamed "Goliath."

The Humane Society had planned to put the cat up for adoption, but a neighbor of the owner who saw the report on TV has claimed the cat and said he had been missing for six months. The neighbor was to pick up the cat on Thursday.

"He will sure warm your lap this winter," said Sharon Harmon, OHS executive director, when she thought he was going to be put up for adoption. "People with a king-size bed would be a good fit for this cat."

The Oregon Humane Society will add a free bag of low-calorie cat food with the adoption.

The OHS said that 40 percent of cats in the United States are considered to be overweight and are being seen more often by veterinarians for various disorders. A press release said cats are at risk for a number of obesity-related disorders and that in recent years feline diabetes mellitus, or diabetes, has become a regular diagnosis in animal hospitals across the United States.

Weight loss plans in cats need to be approached very carefully. Any cat that is overweight should have a physical exam performed, including blood and urine tests, the OHS said.

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