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Smarty pants come ready to party


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Smarty pants come ready to party

February 26, 2007

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald


Dawn Dines with her Swanky or Spanky underwear.

Photo: Peter Rae

Is that a prophylactic in your pants … or are you just pleased to see me?

Dawn Dines says she could not have chosen a better time to launch her latest collection in Sydney. The British social worker turned designer hopes to bring a bit of style to a safe-sex message in an increasingly blase environment.

Her Swanky or Spanky brand underwear, which made its debut at the Mr Gay UK contest this year, offers a sewn-in pocket designed to hold a condom.

Last week findings from a Sexual Health and Family Planning Australia survey showed that more than three-quarters of young women who had had several partners in the past six months had admitted to having unprotected sex.

At the Mardi Gras parade on Saturday Ms Dines plans to hand out condom pocket undies to partygoers along with another of her products, which has become part of the British pub and club scene, endorsed by police forces, universities and drug and alcohol groups: anti drink-spiking lids that fit snuggly over glasses.

While in Australia Ms Dines says she will bang on the door of hotel associations, police administrators, local government ministers and even the senior management of P&O Cruises.

"I'm not saying I think drink spiking here is rife or anything," she says. "But I think we'll find the lids might have another handy purpose out here in Australia." Keeping the creepy crawlies out of the beer.

Kelly Burke

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