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How he knows!?


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How he knows!?

One night as I was on my way home after visiting a friend who lived in the country, what looked like a dog in my headlights, ran out in front of me. I stepped on the brakes hoping I wouldn't hit the dog. I could not stop in time and I hit it. I immediately got out of my car to see if the dog was dead or alive. As I was approaching the dog, it started to get up and thats when I saw that it was a pig that I had hit not a dog. I must have just knocked the wind out of it because it ran off into the brush I felt relieved that it wasn't hurt. The next day there was a knock on the door. I opened it and to my surprise,it was a State Patrolmen. He gave me a ticket for being a hit and run. I couldn't figure out how he knew it was me that hit the pig. Because no one else was on the road when I hit it. The only thing I could figure out is the pig must have 'squealed'.

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