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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs (Wed)


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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

DHAKA, Bangladesh (Wireless Flash) -- An unmarried couple in Bangladesh were forced into a shotgun wedding by police in the Muslim-majority country that doesn't allow unmarried couples to check into hotels together. The "Independent" daily reported that someone at the hotel finked to police on the couple, who arrested and told engineer Mominur Rahman Chouwdury to marry his university student girlfriend Shefali Khatun Shelley, or face rape charges. The two agreed with the consent of their parents and were married at the police station.

Athens, Greece -- The Australian womens' Olympic water polo team has put a price of $500 on tennis player Andy Roddick's head. The Aussie gals have made a bet of $500 to the first teammate who can plant a kiss on Roddick's cheek at the Olympics. Roddick claims he's put a man on the case to find out exactly how the kissing is going to go down, but he tells the AP he expects it to be a hit-and-run ambush while he's standing in line for food. None of the Aussie women will speak about the alleged smooching.

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A 69-year-old man has regained his slot as the world champion of phone book ripping after tearing apart 39 phone directories in three minutes at an event in Roseburg, Oregon. Ed Charon chose phone books from Portland to set his new record, telling the local "News-Review" newspaper, "Of all the phone books I've torn, I've found that the Portland ones tear better."

LIMBURG, Belgium -- Fans of a Belgian soccer team are being asked to donate their stinky old shoes in order to fight off a bunch of pesky rabbits who've invaded the team's playing field. The "Het Niewsblad" newspaper reports players in the Cercle Oedelem club think the stench from the shoes will act as a repellent to the rabbits.


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