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Have you heard the HOT NEWS???

HOT OFF THE PRESSES! HERSHEYPARK announces a new coaster for 2008...


97° and Falling Fast!

Fahrenheit, our 11th roller coaster, will open at HERSHEYPARK in late May 2008. Located adjacent to the Boardwalk, this HOT new "vertical lift inverted loop coaster" will ascend 121 feet before plummeting down a 97° drop – the deepest drop in the US!

As cars crest the hill, riders may begin to get COLD FEET, as they will see NO VISIBLE track below! With "stadium seating" riders will have an unobstructed view of all the sizzling elements ahead – including a 107-foot inverted loop, 2 inverted corkscrew rolls, a cobra and an airborne inverted S roll! With 2 airtime hills and 2 high-speed banked curves, the HEAT will be ON for the full 85-second experience as the trains travel 2,700 feet of steel track.

Fahrenheit is a $12.1 million addition to HERSHEYPARK. Get all the sizzling details and take a virtual ride on Fahrenheit at Hersheypark.com!

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