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The Talon House

Story - A Visit to Florida

Miguel Sanchez

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This is Part 3 to a 4 part series.

A Visit to Florida

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and that of love. Any resemblance to actual places, events, or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This story may contain erotic and/or sexually explicit behavior between consenting boys and/or teens. If it is illegal for you to, or you find this sort of work offensive, don't download or read it!

The people in this story do not use protection because diseases don’t exist here. However, in our world they do so please use caution and protection.

This story is protected by copyright. It may not be downloaded or copied for other than your private enjoyment and may not be duplicated in any form, physical, electronic, audio or otherwise without the expressed written permission of the author.

This story was written for the Gay Authors Anthology Collection. You can view other entries here: http://www.gayauthors.org/anthology/index.php

I hope you enjoy this story.

Miguel Sanchez

© Miguel Sanchez 2007

A Visit to Florida

After returning home from watching Jeff and his boys leave for Florida, our four were in a very somber mood. Drew and Mo stuck close to me most of the afternoon. Drew stayed on my lap unless one of us had to move for one reason or another. “Dad, will we ever see Dillon and Dalton again?”

Now boys tend to get selective amnesia or forgetfulness when it suits them but Drew was just plain missing the twins. “Yes son, we will see them again plus you can see and talk with them on the computer.”

As soon as he was reassured he lit up then was off to the computer. “Dad, what was their sign-in name again?”

I had to giggle at him for that. “Don’t ask me son. The twins gave that to you I think. Why don’t you check your pockets?”

Drew did just that and pulled out the paper Dillon gave him. He turned the computer on and proceeded to log into our MSN Messenger. I looked at the clock and it was only 5 so there were still several hours before Jeff and the boys would be home. Ben sat up and watched as Drew added Jeff’s user name then Drew sat patiently for several minutes before turning to face us. I saw the tears streaming down as did Ben. Drew tried to run past us but Ben put his arm out just as he ran past scooping him and setting the boy on his lap. “Calm down son, you do remember they won’t be landing until 7:30 this evening.”

Benjy and Sasha were outside playing. We’d purchased a small playground set for them and they were happy as clams. They’d either be swinging together or on the teeter totter and we’d always knew where they were by the constant squeals of delight. Mo was holding onto Drew while he got his emotions under control then I looked at my son. “It’s going to be several hours before they get home son. Why don’t you and Mo go outside and play while Ben and I get dinner going? At least, it will keep you occupied and make the time go by a little faster.”

Mo took the lead then let Drew outside by the hand. Ben looked at me and shook his head. “He’s got it bad for them babe.”

I wasn’t sure about that totally. “I don’t think it’s like that but I do know he’s missing them more than any of the others.”

Ben lit his pipe and took a few puffs on it while mulling over what I’d said. “Yeah, I guess you’re right but there are still several more months of school left and he can’t be moping around here or his grades will really fall.”

Ben had a point. I didn’t want to see Drew toss away everything he’d worked for this year in school. He’d finally become a good student now that he didn’t have to worry about raising Benjy. “I know and you’re right. Maybe when he talks with the twins and knows they’re home, safe and sound, he’ll be in better spirits.”

Ben took another puff then set his pipe down as I got up and headed towards the kitchen. “I hope so Mike, for his sake.”

I couldn’t argue that. As I got into the kitchen, I looked at the window and there was Drew playing happily with the others like he didn’t have a care in the world. It took us about an hour to get dinner fixed and when I said it was time for the boys to come in, Drew was the first to moan. “Aww Dad, do we have to?”

I nodded my head to the group. “Come on now, dinner is ready and you still need to wash your faces and hands.”

I stepped outside and held the door open out of fear of being run over by four hungry boys. Ben and I made spaghetti and it didn’t take long for it to be devoured and worn by the boys. Benjy still used the stuff and slurp method of eating and he was covered from head to chest in red sauce. Sasha was a little better but he wore his fair share too. Drew learned how to twirl his on his fork while Mo used a knife to cut his. Benjy was about to head back outside when Ben intercepted my little boy. “And where are you going looking like that?”

I thought Benjy was going to cry until he saw Ben smile. “Can’t I go back out to play a little longer?”

It was now 6:30 and tomorrow the boys had school. I shook my head no. “Tomorrow is a school day son and you all need baths or showers. After all that is done, do you want to take with Dillon and Dalton for a little bit when they get home?”

That question brought several rounds of whoops and cheers, even from Mo who was the quietest of the bunch. The boys took their plates into the kitchen while I took fresh towels from the laundry and carried them to the bathroom. Benjy ran up the stairs then towards his room and saw me standing at the top of the stairs. “Ooops, sorry Daddy.”

Benjy looked like he’d been in a bloody battle. His face, hair and shirt were covered in spaghetti sauce and I really didn’t want to wear it. That was until my little munchkin leaped towards my arms. I quickly grabbed him and he threw his arms around my neck kissing me on the cheek in the process. “Argh son, now I’ll need a shower too.”

He got the giggles at that. “Cool Daddy, you’ve never taken a shower with us.”

Just then Sasha came up the stairs and wrapped his arms around my leg. “Are you really gonna take a shower with us Papa Mike?”

Ben was standing at the bottom of the stairs and was laughing his butt off. “You stepped right into that one.”

I gave him a ‘you’re a lot of help’ look then looked down at Sasha. I guess the only way to be certain these two would be clean was to supervise. “Alright kids, I’ll take a shower with you.”

Sasha started jumping up and down as Benjy became a wiggle worm in my arms. I set him down then looked at my shirt. I took it off and threw it to Ben who was still laughing. “Hey babe, toss me the rest of their clothes and I’ll get them pre-treated.”

The boys quickly stripped then tossed them down to Ben while I got the shower going. I went downstairs and got some clean clothes then headed back upstairs in my undies as Drew stopped me. “Dad, are you OK with showering with them?”

The boys made no bones about us seeing them naked and Ben and I had seen each other and not thought anything about it. I wasn’t ashamed of my body but never thought about allowing them to see me as they let us see them. I bent down and pick him up kissing him on the cheek. “Yeah son, I’m fine with it. I’m not ashamed to have you see me naked.”

I set my son on his feet then removed my boxer briefs standing in my birthday suit. “Wow Dad, you sure look good.”

I blushed when I heard that then felt a hand on my butt. I turned around and there were Sasha and Benjy giggling. “Come on you two and get into the shower.”

They turned around and I reached down and popped each of them playfully on the butt. They giggled in delight as they ran into the bathroom stopping at the toilet. They stepped into the tub then I emptied my bladder. After getting in the tub I had to wash them both because they were too busy playing. I got a wash cloth loaded with soap then wrapped my arm around Benjy. I had too much soap on the rag to start with his face so I started on his belly causing Benjy to wiggle and giggle in my arm. “Daddy, that tickles.”

I think my little one got a double dose of giggle juice at birth because there weren’t many places you could touch him with him laughing. I managed to get his chest and stomach clean then quickly did his legs and feet which brought more giggles. I rinsed the rag out and added some more soap then did his back and bottom. I stuck him under the water to rinse him and he looked at me. “Daddy, you forgot something.”

I reached down and retracted his foreskin then washed his p**** which made his giggle again. Sasha started giggling too. “Papa Mike, he’s got a stiffy.”

I looked at Benjy and sure enough he had a little erection. I washed the soap off before it dried then made sure Benjy was squeaky clean. My little one kissed me on the cheek. “You give good showers Daddy.”

I had him close his eyes tight then I had to remove the dried sauce which was a little difficult. Once he face was rinsed, I got Sasha and gave him his shower. I saved their hair for last because I was going to wash mine at the same time. Once they were well lathered, I got them under the water and rinsed them thoroughly.

I started washing my body and the boys stood there and watched. I don’t know if they were wondering if I would get an erection or not but fortunately for me, I didn’t. As I was rinsing my hair, I felt a little hand touch my p****. I had an idea who it was and I didn’t say anything because I knew it was more out of curiosity than anything sexual. I made sure my eyes didn’t have soap in them then I looked down at the hand holding my tool. Both Benjy and Sasha were looking at my p****. Iy suddenly dawned on me why my p**** was such an infatuation to them, I was cut and they weren’t. I looked down into Sasha’s eyes. “Papa Mike, your dick is different than ours.”

I knelt down and wrapped my arms around him. “Yes son, it is. You see the extra skin you and Benjy have? I don’t and that’s because it was removed when I was a baby. My parents had it done but when you pull your foreskin back, you can see the end.”

Benjy looked at me and I could tell he was confused. “Why did your Mommy and Daddy do that?”

I tried to think of something that would answer his question in a way he would understand it. “They felt but doing that it would be easier for me to keep it clean.”

This satisfied both boys then I cut the water off and get out. I wrapped a towel around each of the boys then got my self dried. I quickly got the boys dried then they ran out of the bathroom and down the stairs. I put my undies on then hung the towels up and went downstairs. When I got down there, Benjy and Sasha were talking to Mo and Drew. Ben was giggling at Benjy’s antics then I stepped a little closer. “Daddy’s Mommy and Daddy had his peepee cut when he was a baby.”

Mo and Drew’s head turned around like they were on swivels. Rather than have another inquisition I decided to drop my undies and let them see for themselves. Mo had seen a circumcised p**** before so it wasn’t new to him but Drew stared at it even though he’d seen it earlier. Drew started to speak but Mo stopped him. “Parents do it for several reasons Drew. The biggest reason is for cleanliness.”

I pulled my undies up then hugged the boys. “Mo, Drew you two go and get a quick shower so you can all talk with the twins.”

The both of them were off like a shot. I turned the computer on and logged onto MSN. I checked my email then Ben went and checked his. As Ben was finishing, Mo and Drew came bounding down the stairs. Ben started playing with them by taking his time and Drew looked like he had ants all over his body. Drew was about to say something when he noticed Jeff logging in. “Come on Ben, the twins are on.”

Ben ruffled my son’s hair then set them up so they could voice with the twins. Ben turned the video camera on and even thought they couldn’t see the twins, it didn’t seem to matter as they chatted away for almost an hour until Jeff stepped in because his 2 were getting tired and they still had some things to take care of. When the boys left, Ben and I talked briefly with Jeff and made plans to talk when the boys were in school.

We got the boys in bed then Ben saw Jeff pop in on our MSN. He turned the voice chat on and I came over and sat beside him. “Hi Jeff, what’s up?”

“Hi guys, I just got the boys down for the night and even after being hyped up after talking with the boys, they’re out like a light.”

I had to laugh at that but after the day they had, it was understandable. “They had a really busy dad. How do they like it at their new home?”

“Oh man, when I showed them their room they both tried to jump into my arms at the same time. They were amazed with the queen sized bed I’d gotten for them. They’re wrapped in each others arms right now.”

Ben handed me the headset. “Gotta use the bathroom, you can talk to him.

I put the headset on and adjusted the volume. “I bet they look cute together. Try and get a picture of them. So what’s going on man?”

“Well Mike, I know your boys want to see mine and to be honest, I have a bit of a problem.”

I scratched my head. “Sure man, what can we do to help?”

“Mike, I won’t lie to you. There was a letter here from my office and my leave and personal time is used up come the end of the week.”

I was in shock. “I know this might be personal Jeff but you’re savings is gone?”

“Almost Mike. I have a couple months left but I really don’t want to have to use if unless I really have to.”

I thought for a moment. “Well, are you off on the weekends? I mean for when the boys aren’t in school.”

“I’ve made some temporary arrangements for that but come this summer, there’s no guarantee.”

Again I had to think quickly. “Well, the boys still have about 6 weeks of school left here then we can come there and help you all out. I know 4 little ones who won’t mind that at all.”

I heard Jeff giggle. “I know a couple more as well.”

“Jeff, Ben and I will get in touch with Beth about getting the boys passports and fine out if we’ll need visas. I’ll do that tomorrow because I don’t have a clue how long it will take for them to make 6 passports.”

I could hear Jeff relax. “Thanks Mike, you’re really a life saver.”

I could hear the twins in the background so I knew Jeff was needed. “I can hear the boys. Go tend to them and I’ll let you know what’s going on as soon as I know something.”

The next day after we got the boys off to school, Ben and I were on our way to see Beth. As soon as we walked into her office, she lit up. “Hi guys, how’s Jeff? Have you heard from him?”

We both giggled but Ben got his under control before I could. “Yeah, the boys talked with the twins last night and then Mike talked with Jeff a little later.”

I took over then. “The boys are fine and getting settled. Jeff has a little problem but we can help there. What do we have to do to get passports for us and the boys? Also, will we need visas?”

Beth went over to her computer and typed in something. “I can’t see where you or the boys would need a visa. I can print out passport applications and you would need certified copies of the adoption certificates issued by the court. I’ll get those for you as it won’t cost me anything.”

Ben scratched his head. “How long will they take and better yet, how much will they cost?”

“They’re 125.00 each and it should take about 4 weeks to get them. For another 25.00 each, they’ll expedite them.”

It reminded me of the US, everything for a price. “OK Beth, we’ll get these filled out today and can we come back here tomorrow?”

She nodded her head. “Before you go, let me print out some information you might need on the boys. I’ll have the copies this afternoon so if you come by tomorrow, you can get everything together then sent out in the mail.”

Ben and I took the stacks of form home and proceeded to go to work on them. I’m glad Beth had the information we needed for the boys because I would have never been able to answer the questions. When the boys got home, we went out and got passport photos taken. Now, this was not the simple endeavor one might have envisioned. Once we got there, Benjy started asked questions. “Why do we need our pictures taken?”

Ben tried a simple answer. “Because we need them.”

Then can the one question every parent dreads. “Why?”

Now we didn’t want to spill the beans and let them know the real reason so I told a little fib. “We don’t have any photos of you boys yet and this is a good time to get some.”

Well, this seemed to please Benjy but Mo wasn’t so sure. He’d come here from abroad and remembered his parents having a passport. He tapped Ben on the shoulder and motioned him down. “Papa, is this for a passport?”

Ben face turned red and I knew we were busted. He nodded his head. “Yes son, that’s what they’re for.”

Mo gasped and quickly covered his mouth hoping the others wouldn’t hear him but leave it to Benjy to hear it. “What’s a passport?”

Drew heard that and his eyes got big. “Are we going to see the twins?”

I had to smile at my boy then they all jumped up and down. “Calm down now guys. Yes, we’re going to see the Jeff and the twins but not until school is out. The passports will take several weeks to be made, that’s why we’re doing this now.”

We managed to get the photos taken without any more questions then returned home. The next morning, we were back at Beth's office. “Well, did you manage to get everything finished?”

She had a grin on her face like a Cheshire cat. “Maybe you would have liked to have then them for their photos?”

She held up her hands and shook her head. “Oh no, I know what that would have been like. I have the copies you need, can I see the applications?”

We handed her the mass of forms and she looked them over. She pulled out a large envelope then took the photos from Ben. She made copies of our driver’s license then put everything into the envelope. I saw her start to close it. “Wait, you don’t have the money.”

She smiled at us then said something that floored both Ben and me. “You have a benefactor guys.”

We both knew not to ask who it was because Beth wouldn’t tell us. Ben just nodded his head. “Well, who ever it is please tell them thank you.”

It was just after 10 and I had a half day with EMS so I took Ben home then hurried to work. It was a quiet day and by 4, I was on my way home.

After a few weeks, the boys finally stopped asking when the passports would arrive. After 4 weeks I was beginning to wonder if they would arrive on time and then with a week before school was to end, they came in the mail. Ben and I were glad the boys were in school because we would have been mobbed and then another round of questions.

The next detail to handle was to book airline tickets but we decided to hold off until we could talk to Jeff. I got off an email to him then that evening we chatted. I was surprised when he ruined on his webcam. “Jeff, we have everything now. The only thing is how long will you need us for?”

“Can you stay until the end of August?”

I looked at Ben. “Well, that’s what I told them at work now that the boys were going to be home from school.”

I’d made the same arrangements at EMS so it was all set. “Yes Jeff, we can stay until the end of August. We’ll make the flight arrangements in a little while. Can you stay online while we do it then we can email you the details?”

I saw him nod his head. “Yeah, I have some mail to check. I await your email.”

I made the arrangements then emailed Jeff back. Several minutes, I received an IM from him. I set the voice chat up and we finalized our arrival schedule. Ben and I decided to rent a minivan because there would be 3 adults and 6 boys to transport. Jeff was going to say something about it until he did the math and said it was the most practical thing.

I had to use the bathroom so I turned the headset over to Ben. I had flushed toilet when Sasha came running out and into Ben’s arms. “Papa, are you talking to Uncle Jeff?”

I’d thought Benjy had super hearing but it looks like he had some competition. “Yes son, we are, why?”

He kissed Ben on the cheek then hopped down of his lap. “Tell him that’s for him.”

Sasha turned around then went back to his room. I just stood there for a moment and giggled while I looked at Ben. “I’m waiting to see you deliver that.”

“Jeff, my youngest just sent you a kiss.”

Jeff started laughing. “Well, before to give him one from me Ben. I need to get ready for work tomorrow so I have to go.”

Ben said our goodbyes then logged off. The boy’s final day of school ended on Thursday at noon. I drove them that day then when I got home, we were busy doing laundry and setting out clothes for packing. I knew that getting the boys to bed tonight was not going to be easy. “Ben, you do realize the boys will be impossible to get to bed tonight.”

I could see his mind working overtime. “Well, I guess we’re gonna have to keep them busy so we can wear them out. When we get their clothes laid out, we’re going to need to do some shopping. Our luggage isn’t big enough to handle our clothes and theirs.”

He was right. I’d forgotten about luggage but it did give us something to do with the boys. I put the last load of laundry on their beds as the boys came home. Drew and Benjy came up to me and gave me a huge hug. Drew stared into my eyes like he was trying to read my mind. “OK Dad, when are we going to see the twins?”

I set them on the floor. Ben had Mo and Sasha in his arms and they were all looking at me. “Ok guys, here’s the deal. We’re leaving tomorrow and our flight leaves early. We’re going to have to be up about six.”

Drew looked at me sincerely. “Dad, what are you going to do with the car while we’re gone?”

Ben smiled because all the boys were concerned. “Well, there will be a car here about 8 to take us to the airport. Beth will keep out car because we didn’t want to leave it here unattended.”

After lunch we went shopping and found the boys suitcases. We returned home and started packing. The boys stripped and decided to spend the rest of the day in the buff so we got those clothes clean. After dinner, the boys put their shorts on and we went out for ice cream. It was a nice evening so we walked. The boys saw a few of their friends from school so they had to have them meet their new Dads.

We found a place to sit while the boys had a chance to play with some of their school friends. By 9:30, Benjy and Sasha were on our laps almost asleep. We managed to get Mo and Drew’s attention then we started heading home. When we got home, Benjy and Sasha were sound asleep in our arms. Mo and Drew were sweaty and dirty so they went into the shower.

Ben and I were finishing our packing then we sat down to watch the news. The two boys came out for a little cuddling and soon, they were nodding off. We got them to bed then it was time us to do the same.

The alarm was going off way to early for me. Thank god the coffee was ready as we managed to get our boys up. We got the boys dressed then we got breakfast. By 7:30 the boys were fed and we were cleaning the kitchen. We had just gotten done when there came a knock on the door. Drew cracked the door and saw Beth standing there. “Hi Beth, come on in.”

Ben heard what Drew said then went into the living room. “Hi Beth, thanks for taking car of the car for us.”

We talked for a few minutes then the car arrived to take us to the airport. We arrived at the airport a few minutes before 10. The driver got a cart and put the 6 bags on it then I handed him a tip for his services. A porter took the bags inside then Ben and I headed to the ticket counter. Getting our tickets was easy but going through security proved to be a little of an adventure when Benjy and Sasha started playing 20 questions. The woman there was very good and after quickly answering his questions, we were cleared to go to the boarding area.

I was glad the flight only lasted 2 hours because as soon as all the boys saw the planes, they were in awe. Our flight was called and we took the boys hands and we out to the plane. Now Belize City doesn’t have the jet ways like bigger airports do. You go outside then walk to the plane then it’s up a flight of stairs. It took 2 rows for the 6 of us. Ben had his 2 and I had mine. The next thing was who was going to get the window seat. I solved that with my two by a flip of a coin. Drew made the call. “Heads.”

I flipped the 1 Belize dollar coin and it landed on tails. “Benjy, you get the window going and Drew gets it coming back.”

I took the outside seat so I could keep the boys somewhat corralled so that they wouldn’t take off down the isles. When Ben and I saw the door close, we got the boys to buckle their seat belts. When we started moving, they boys were all trying to look out the window. We were first for takeoff so as soon as we turned onto the runway, the pilot hit the throttles and we were heading for takeoff. When the nose lifted up and the boys felt this, Benjy grabbed Drew’s hand and held on for dear life. I looked behind me and Sasha was in the middle with a vice grip on Ben’s hand.

Once we leveled off, things got better. Ben and I got our carry on bags and pulled out a little surprise for the boys. “Here guys, these should keep you occupied.”

Drew’s eyes got huge. “Wow Dad thanks, my very own Game boy.”

Ben was getting hugs from his two and they played quietly for about 90 minutes. Benjy looked at me and I knew what was on his mind. “Daddy, I gotta go pee bad.”

I looked at Drew and he nodded his head. As soon as I got up, the other 2 looked at Ben. “When I get back, Ben can take you guys. There aren’t that many bathrooms on this plane.”

I led the boys to the rear of the plane and Drew went into one lavatory and I held the door for Benjy on the other. “Daddy, it’s scary in here.”

The sound was a little unnerving. I managed to slip in behind him then latched the door. Benjy pulled his shorts down then started going. The amount he let out was a lot for this little guy. When he pulled his shorts up, I reached down and pushed the flush button. His eyes got big as the liquid suddenly disappeared and at the noise it made.

I unlocked the door and slid out just as Drew was coming out of his bathroom. By the time Ben got his boys to the bathroom and back, the fasten seat belt’s sign came on and we were told we were starting our decent into Miami. Benjy grabbed Drew’s hand and when we landed, he let out a scream. Drew managed to get his hand back and he was shaking it trying to get the blood back. When the jet’s engines reversed thrust to slow, Benjy was giggling. “Wow that was a cool ride.”

Drew looked at him. “Oh, then why’d you squeeze my hand so tight?”

Poor Benjy turned red. “I got scared.”

When we got to the terminal, we had to wait several minutes so we could get up then deplane. I had my backpack on then held the boys’ hands as we headed towards Immigration. Ben took his boys trough one line and we went through another. After a couple questions, our passports were stamped and we were welcomed to the USA.

Our next stop was baggage pick up and as we got close, I started looking around for Jeff. Neither Ben nor I could see him so we went to the carousel to retrieve our bags. We spotted our bags then I started grabbing them as they came by. Once they’d been retrieved, we went over to some chairs to sit down for a minute. I pulled my wallet out and started looking for Jeff’s cell phone number when an airport cop came up. Ben looked at him as he watched me rooting through my wallet. I got the feeling I was being watched so I looked up and saw the cop. “Can I help you?”

The cop looked at me. “I was about to ask you the same thing. Whose wallet is that?”

I didn’t need this right now. “It’s mine, what’s the problem.”

He copped a major attitude. “I’ll ask the questions. Let me see some ID.”

I stood up and reached into my back pocket for my passport. Just then the cop grabbed my arm and pulled it around my back. The boys screamed as they saw me wince in pain. “What gives?”

Just then I saw Jeff and the twins. He trotted over and looked at the cop. “What’s the problem here?”

“Back off buddy,” the cop shot back. “Unless you want to be with him.”

I saw Jeff reach into his back pocket. “Officer, I’m Lt. Jeff Daniels, FDLE. You better have one DAMN good reason to be assaulting this man.”

The officer glared at him. “He’s a thief. I saw him going through this wallet and he wouldn’t identify himself.”

I turned around and stood nose to nose with him. “You never gave me a chance. I was reaching for my passport and this wallet is MINE.”

I took my Belize driver’s license out and held it up to his nose. Jeff was livid as he was writing down his name and badge number. “We are leaving now and you can rest assured I will be filing a formal complaint through my department to yours.”

The twins had calmed the boys down and I thought Ben was going to bust a gasket but he did stay cool. We headed over to the car rental counter and signed papers. We found the van then we were off. It took about an hour to get into Ft. Lauderdale as 95 was a nightmare and it was only 2PM.

We pulled into a very nice neighborhood and the homes were truly gorgeous. “Nice homes Ben.”

The boys were looking around loaded with oooos and ahs then Jeff pulled into a driveway. Ben pulled beside him then we started unloading. “Welcome to our home.”

The twins helped with the boys’ bags then waited until Jeff opened the door. The front of the house was misleading because when we got inside, I saw the boys follow the twins upstairs. “Wow Jeff, I’d never have thought this was a 2 story.”

“Follow me and I’ll give you the tour.”

He led us down a hall and showed us his bedroom. He had a huge king-sized bed and lavish master bathroom. Across the hall was a room just as large as his. Ben’s eyes bugged out. “Man, this is more like a suite.”

We set our bags in there then followed him upstairs. On the second floor were 3 additional bedrooms. We followed the voices and everyone was in the twins’ room. There was a queen sized bed and everything a 2 boys could want. Across the hall were 2 more bedrooms with a common bathroom. Jeff looked at his boys. “Help the guys get unpacked while I’ll get lunch going.”

We followed Jeff down to the kitchen and Ben and I were blown away. There was a question I was dying to ask and I couldn’t hold off any longer. “Damn man, this place must have cost a fortune.”

He reached into the freezer and pulled out a box of burgers and set them on the counter. We followed Jeff outside onto a lovely deck then saw a huge above ground pool. He lit the grill then looked at us smiling. “Well, this was something my parents helped me with. The house was in foreclosure and we got it a one hell of a great price. They helped with renovations out here and this is our pride and joy.”

Ben walked around the deck while looked at the pool. “Whose idea was the huge privacy fence?”

Jeff giggled as the boys came out in all their glory. “Well, when I got the pool, I had it put in for security reasons and now with the twins here, they love swimming nude.”

The boys played wile we got lunch done then we had a great meal. After we ate, they boys spent the afternoon swimming and the twins were good about making sure everyone had sunscreen on so they wouldn’t get burnt.

Jeff talked Ben and me about his work schedule. “For the next two weeks, I’ll be on days then I’ll be switched over to the mid shift where I’ll be working 11 in the morning till 11 at night. The boys can stay up until I get home.”

I was about to say something when Benjy came running in dripping. “Daddy, come swim with us.”

Jeff laughed as he made a leap onto my lap. I was about to admonish him when Jeff stood up. “The carpets will be fine Mike.”

I picked my boy up and carried him back out to the pool and tossed him in with the others. Since they had the privacy fence, I made like a Roman. I quickly stripped then jumped into the water only to be mobbed by 6 boys.

The rest of the day was typical for Florida, afternoon and evening thunderstorms. The boys were a little put out but the twins kept them occupied in their room with their video games. The power flickered on and off a couple times then Jeff went to the staircase. “Hey guys, you better turn off the video game and TV.”

Having lived in South Florida, Ben and I were no strangers to this weather. We’d managed to survive several major storms but it was something we didn’t miss living in Belize. I looked at Jeff when he sat back down. “How are you set for a major storm?”

Jeff smiled then nodded his head. “We’re pretty good. I have a big generator and a 55 gallon drum for storing gas in. It’s loaded with a preservative so it doesn’t go bad. I have 3 long heavy extension cords, surge protectors to plug into them and several pigtails. All the windows have roll down shutters and I check them periodically.”

Ben nodded and sat up. “How’s the area for flooding?”

“This area is better than others,” Jeff said standing at the window watching the downpour. “The house is in high ground and if you look, even as hard as it’s coming down, there is no standing water.”

The power was only out for less than 30 minutes but nothing had changed in lovely south Florida. Jeff’s time on days was really uneventful. The 6 boys played together and we even took them out to a few local attractions.

When Jeff started on the mid shift, things started getting a little hairy. Afternoon storms were becoming a daily thing and the weather in the tropics was unusually unsteady.

One afternoon, there was a knock on the door and boy about 13 stood there. “Hi, umm, is Dalton or Dillon home?”

I went over to the stairs. “Dalton, Dillon, you have company here.”

I moved out of the way as I heard thunder on the second floor then 12 feet heading down the steps. Dillon was leading the herd followed by Dalton and our 4 closely behind them. “Hi Chad, what brings you over today?”

He looked at Ben and me then back to Dalton. “Who are they and where’s your Dad?”

Dalton put his hand around the boy’s back and led him over to us. “Chris, these are our Uncles. This is Uncle Ben and that’s Uncle Mike. You remember us telling you about what happened in Belize?”

Chad’s eyes got big. “Are these the guys that rescued you and Dillon?”

The twins started nodding their heads. “Yep, if it weren’t for these guys who knows where we’d be.”

Chad came over and shook our hands. “It’s nice to meet you. Dillon and Dalton are the only real friends I have.”

Ben patted him on his back. “Well, you have two pretty good friends here.”

Chad blushed a little. “My Mom’s working and I got bored at home. Where is your Dad?”

Dillon stepped over and headed towards the stairs. “Dad’s working a new shift so since Uncle Ben and Uncle Mike are here, they’re watching us. These boys are their sons.”

The herd went back up the stairs and spent the afternoon playing video games. Around 5, Chad left and returned home then Ben and I got dinner going. We were watching the local news and when the weather came on, we were in for an unexpected surprise. Coming up the Gulf was a tropical depression. Ben and I watched the forecast closely and the weatherman said it would more than likely fall apart as it crossed over Cancun. “Should we tell Jeff about this?” I asked looked at the TV.

Ben nodded his head. “Yeah we should. He needs to show us where his stuff is just in case something happens while he’s at work.”

Just then the twins came down stairs. Dillon was the spokesman. “Umm we were wondering if it’s still OK to do things with the boys if they’re up to the idea.”

I looked at Ben. “I know Mo and Drew would have fun with the twins. Can I ask what you had in mind?”

Dillon shook his head. “We really haven’t thought about it to be honest.”

Dalton came a little closer. “Mo took me aside and asked if I would make love to him. He said he’d been playing with his butt and he really loves it.”

I could see Ben thinking. “I know this might be personal but how big are you boys? Mo is 2 years younger and I wouldn’t want him getting hurt because he’s too anxious.”

The twins weren’t the least bit shy about dropping their shorts. After a little rubbing they were standing tall. They both looked to be about 4” in length but neither were really all that big around. I looked at Ben and him back to me. “If you lube him well and stretch him a little it should be OK. Just remember to go slow boys.”

They came over and gave us hugs. “Thanks Uncle Mike, thanks Uncle Ben.”

The boys were back up the stairs to rejoin the others. I looked at Ben. “Do you think we were wise in giving our blessing?”

Ben smiled then nodded. “If we had said no, Mo might have done it anyway. He’s into having his butt played with so as long as they all know what to do from the start, I don’t think they’ll be any problems.”

I thought about that for a moment. “Yeah babe, I guess you’re right. Mo is almost 13 and I guess he wants to experience some things and since it’s with Drew and the twins, I do feel a little easier.”

Ben and I checked on dinner and then watched the 6:30 news. Jeff surprised us by coming home early and as soon as he came inside, 6 boys were flying down the stairs. Jeff put his hand up. “What are the rules in the house about running on the stairs?”

Six boys came to an abrupt halt then started looking towards the ground. Dillon looked up first. “We’re not supposed to.”

Jeff nodded his head. “And why don’t we run on the stairs?”

Dalton looked up. “Cause we could fall and get hurt.”

“That’s right guys and I don’t want to see any of you get hurt. Next time, you lose your video games for a week.”

All this boys had shocked looks on their faces when Jeff told them what their punishment would be if they ran again. He held out his arms and they all went over for a big group hug. Dalton was the first in the hug. “We’re sorry Dad. We won’t do it again.”

Jeff and the boys got cleaned up then we sat down for an enjoyable dinner. Once we’d cleaned the kitchen, Ben filled Jeff in on the tropical storm. Jeff stood. “Follow me guys and I’ll show you where I would set the generator.”

Jeff took us out into the garage. He had a built a small covered area outside where the generator could go so that it wouldn’t fill the garage or the house with carbon monoxide. Next he showed us where the extension cords were and how he’d lay them out. On the way back in I had to ask a question. “Why didn’t you get a whole house generator?”

“Well, the power hasn’t been off longer than a few hours or so since that last big storm that knocked it out for 2 weeks. I had thought about it but this will do almost everything we need. It will run the washer by itself and we can just hang the clothes in the garage to dry. The gas grill is suitable for all our cooking needs and I make sure we have at least 2 tanks of propane. The only down side is no hot water but in the summer time, it’s usually pretty warm so taking a shower isn’t really that bad.”

He was right. The ground water can get up to about 80 degrees and that isn’t too cold to wash in. “The only other thing is no air conditioning but after the storm passes, the windows can be opened.”

Over the next several days, we kept an eye on the storm and Chad became an almost daily visitor. I was wondering why he would come here after him Mom had left for work then would leave before she got home. One would think she would be happy for her son to be watched by a police officer. The next time Chad arrived he looked a little down. “Hey man, what’s wrong? You looked like you lost your best friend.”

He shook his head like he didn’t want to talk about it then sopped and looked at us. “It’s Mom’s new boyfriend. He’s a real jerk. He’s a long haul trucker and thinks Jeff isn’t good enough to raise the twins. He thinks all single guys wanting to raise kids are queer.”

Ben and I almost did a double take on that last sentence. I knelt in front of Chad. “But Jeff is a cop kiddo.”

Chad smiled then got serious again. “I said that but numb nuts asked why he isn’t married.”

Ben got the giggles on that. “Being married has nothing to do with it Chad. Jeff is a good man and he’s doing a great job raising the twins by him self.”

Chad nodded. “I know and I like Jeff. I wanted to say he didn’t know what he was talking about but I was afraid of what he’d do. You see, I talk a lot to Jeff when he’s home. He and the twins are the best friends I have.”

I was beginning to understand what was going on. “Is your Mom’s boyfriend homophobic?”

As soon as I asked that question I was kicking myself because I didn’t know if Chad would know what I was asking. “He is big time Mike. When no one’s home during the day, I asked my mom if Jeff could watch me and dip s**t said there was no way in hell he’d have a queer watching me.”

I could see Ben lost in thought. “Chad, what do you think about gay people?”

He walked over to Ben. “I think they’re just like anyone else. There are good and bad people everywhere. But my Mom’s boyfriend thinks gays just want boys so they can make them gay.”

I did a quick about face. “Do you think that’s true?”

Chad shook his head. “No way, look at me.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he slapped his hand over it then looked at the ground. Ben eased the now very scared boy over to him. “It’s alright man, no one will let your secret out. Was this something you were talking with Jeff and the twins about?”

He nodded his head. “Yeah and if my Mom found out, she’d kill me and her boyfriend would blame Jeff.”

I sat beside Ben then looked at Chad. “When you’re here, just be yourself. If you need someone to talk to, Ben and I have big shoulders so feel free to talk to us if you need to too.”

He looked at me then to Ben then back again. “Are you two gay also?”

Ben giggled. “Can’t put anything over on this guy.”

Chad gave us a big hug then went upstairs to play with the others. I looked at Ben as I sat back on the couch. “This guy his Mom has is a real piece of work.”

Ben nodded. “That’s for sure. Let’s hope he spends a lot of time on the road away from Chad.”

Just before 5, Chad came down the stairs heading for the door. I managed to stop him for a moment. “Chad, is your Mom’s boyfriend gone now?”

He smiled. “Yeah, he took off today for the west coast. He’s going to be gone for at least 10 days.”

That did make me feel good. “OK now, should this storm hit what would you do?”

He thought for a minute. “I guess I’d have to stay home. Mom sure wouldn’t let me come here.”

I didn’t like his answer but it was something I just had to live with. “Alright kiddo, I don’t like that fact you’d be alone but we’re here if you need us. Now you better scoot.”

The young boy left then it was time to start dinner. While we were in the kitchen, Mo had taken Dalton into the room he shared with Drew. “Dalton, can you make love to me tonight?”

The teen smiled. “I would love to Mo but before we do, I want to prepare you.”

Mo got a devilish look on his face. “You know I play with myself back there. Even Drew fingers me when we’re doing it.”

Dalton smiled. “Yes I know, you’ve told me but I can’t just shove it in Mo. Trust me, you’ll love everything I do.”

Ben went to the stairs. “OK guys, wash up and come on down for dinner.”

Several minutes we heard the boys coming down stairs. I saw a look on Dalton’s face that told me Mo had asked him about his wish. Once dinner was over, I saw Mo, Drew and Dalton go upstairs while the other three remained with us adults.

Upstairs, Mo looked at Drew then to Dalton. “Drew, remember when you put your finger in my butt when I jack off and I’ve told you how much I like it?”

Drew nodded. “Yeah Mo, I remember. It feels funny when you run your finger around me back there too.”

“Yeah, when your hole gets played with it feels great,” Mo continued. “I want to know what it’s like to have someone’s dick in me. Dalton and Dillon make love so I want him to make love to me.”

Drew thought for a minute. “Are you sure Mo?”

Mo stepped over to the boy he loved. “Yes Drew, I love you very much but I know you’re not sure about doing more.”

Drew never heard those words before and he was moved by Mo’s sudden confession. “Mo, I love you too. I just didn’t know you felt that strongly for me. I do love what we do and even thought about sucking you.”

Dalton stepped over. “How about this then, you two make love tonight then later, we can talk some more.”

Drew looked at the teen. “I don’t know what to do Dalton. I could hurt him if I put my dick in him.”

Dalton pulled Drew into his arms. “Making love doesn’t have to be like that Drew. When you two are ready for that, I’ll help you guys.”

Mo put his arms around his boyfriend. “How does that sound love?”

Mo reached down and rubbed Drew’s tenting shorts as Drew gasped at the pleasure he was feeling. “I think I like that idea.”

Drew and Mo headed for the shower as Dalton left the room. He came back down stairs and sat beside me. “Mike, I think you have a couple.”

My eyes got big but I wasn’t quite sure what he meant. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

Dalton smiled and nodded his head. “Mo told Drew that he was in love with him and that was all Drew needed to hear.”

Big ears Benjy turned around. “You mean Mo and Drew are boyfriends?”

Sasha tapped Benjy on the head. “Da Benjy, that’s what it means. I love you too.”

Benjy’s head swung around so fast I thought he was going to hurt himself. “What Sasha? You love me?”

Sasha turned several shades of red in front of us. “Yeah Benjy, I do.”

They hugged then kissed each other while we smiled at their first real showing of love towards each other. With the young ages of Sasha and Benjy I wasn’t about to start thinking of them as a “gay” couple but if their feelings grew as they got older, who am I to complain? Sasha turned so Benjy could sit in between his legs then he wrapped his arms around the little boy.

I heard Mo and Drew come down the stairs and I could tell they were naked so they’d had their shower. I saw them holding hands as they came into the living room. Drew looked at me and smiled so I patted the couch beside me. He came over and sat beside me as I wrapped my arms around him. He looked up at me with a smile that could light up the city. “Mo loves me Daddy.”

I kissed him on the top of his head. “That’s what I head son. I’m really happy for you.”

He turned around and sat on my lap facing me then leaned towards my ear. “Umm, is it Ok if we umm, do some sex stuff?”

He moved his face away and he was bright red. I kissed him on his nose and nodded. “It’s OK son.”

Ben had Mo on his lap and his boy was as red as Drew so I ventured to guess Ben was asked the same questions. I felt comfortable letting them explore their bodies and I knew they were already doing some mutual masturbation. The boys cuddled together on the floor and we watched television until about 10 when Drew and Mo gave us hugs and kisses then went off to bed. Ben and I just looked at each other then smiled knowing what those two had in mind.

The twins were starting to fade come 11. Jeff came home at 11:15 then the twins called it a night. Our youngest “couple” was sound asleep on the floor so Ben and I carried them upstairs and put them to bed. I’d thought about stopping at the other bedroom but decided against it.

The weather was just going off when we got back downstairs. “What’s going on with the storm?”

Jeff turned around and looked at us. “It’s all but stalled about 100 miles west of the tip of Florida. It had been moving towards us then it just slowed down moving a couple miles an hour.”

Ben shook his head. “Damn, anything can happen now. It can stall out, gain strength and head towards land again or even turn away.”

Jeff nodded his head. “The FDLE is keeping a close eye on this storm. There are a lot of married officers who will need to be with their families if this thing starts moving towards us again.”

I nodded. “What about you Jeff, you’re working 11 to 11.”

“I’ll watch the weather here like everyone else then call in before I leave. If I’m not to report, the shift commander will tell me.”

We talked for another couple minutes then headed off to bed. Ben was up at 8 and had the TV on. I smelled the coffee so after taking a leak, I joined him. The storm had started moving again but it looked like it was going to turn away from us. Jeff was up just before 9 and Ben had made him some breakfast. “Looks like the storm decided to leave us alone.”

At 10, Jeff placed a call to his office and I could tell he had to go to work. “I have to go in but if the storm changes direction, he’ll call the men in.”

Just then 6 naked boys came down the stairs. The twins went to Jeff and hugged him. “Do you have to go in today?”

Jeff kissed then nodding. “I’m afraid so boys but if things change with the storm, I’ll be home.”

Jeff left for work and the twins watched as he pulled out of the driveway. When Jeff was out of sight they came into the kitchen and we got breakfast for then boys.

I got the kitchen clean then returned to the television. There was nothing new but by noon, the weather outside was looking ominous. The weather was on the news and it was all they were talking about. The storm had started moving again and we were going to get wet.

I was lost in the report when the boys came down stairs. “What’s going on Daddy?” Benjy asked hopping onto my lap.

I tried to remain positive. “It looks like we’re going to get some bad weather son but it’s be OK.”

The twins heard this then quickly went up the stairs. When a commercial came on Drew sat down. “I’m hungry Dad.”

I got lunch going for the boys and then I was mobbed by the twins. “Chad’s not answering his phone. Can we go look for him?”

Ben put his hand on the twins’ shoulders. “Relax guys, maybe his Mom got off work and they’re out getting supplies.”

Dillon was shaking his head. “I don’t think so but maybe. Can we go and just check, please?”

We had things to start getting ready for here now that the storm was on its way. I looked at Ben. “Alright guys, calm down. We have things to do here and Ben and I are going to need your help. As soon as that is done we’ll see about checking for him. You can keep calling him.”

The twins didn’t like the decision that had been made and Dalton let it be known. “I guess that’s all we can do Uncle Mike.”

It took us about an hour to get the things done we needed to. As a precaution, Ben and I got the shutters down on the second floor windows. Next, we moved the generator into place and made sure it was full of gas. Then the boys laid out the extension cords so all we had to do was start the generator and plug them in.

While we were doing this, the rain started falling. Dalton came over with an exasperated look on his face. “I still can’t get Chad on the phone.”

Ben thought for a moment. “Are you calling his house or does he have a cell phone?”

Dillon looked at his brother. “Damn, I’ve been calling his house. I’ll try his cell phone but I have his number on mine.”

The twins took off up the stairs. By now, it was really raining. I went back to the TV and put the weather on. The storm was now moving and it was moving fast. In 2 hours, the outer edge had already made land. Just then, the phone rang and Ben answered it. “Ben, this is Jeff. The storm is going to hit and they’re cutting us loose to come home. Most of the businesses are closing and getting ready. Gusts at the airport are between 50 and 60 MPH.”

Ben shook his head. “Sounds like it could be nasty. We’ve already got the upstairs shutters down. When the rain eases up a little, we’ll get the downstairs done.”

When Ben got done talking with Jeff, the rain had eased off. We quickly went out and got the shutters down. It took about 30 minutes to get them all done but we did just before it started raining again. The wind was really blowing but so far, the power was still on.

I was quiet so Ben and I figured the boys had settled down and were playing video games. Ben and I were in the kitchen when we heard the front door slam and we thought it was Jeff getting home from work. “We’re in here Jeff,” I shouted and pulled another coffee mug down from the cupboard.

I turned around and there stood Benjy drenched to the skin. “Daddy, Papa Ben come quick. Hurry!!”

I almost dropped the mug when I heard Benjy’s voice. “Why are you wet?”

He started jumping up and down. “Come on Daddy, hurry someone is hurting Chad.”

Ben grabbed the keys to the van and we headed to the front door. I was about to open it when Jeff walked in. he saw a soaked Benjy. “What’s going on?”

“Come on Jeff,” Benjy shouted and ran outside.

We jumped into the van and Jeff got into car and we were off. The rain was coming down in buckets and visibility was near zero. Benjy was yelling to go faster and Ben was doing the best he could. “Turn here Papa.”

Ben turned the corner and made his way up the street. “Where are we going son?” I asked Benjy as he peered out the front window.

We went past another street then came to a cul-de-sac. “In there,” Benjy screamed.

Ben turned then we saw 5 boys standing around a large truck. Drew saw the van and came running over. “Someone in that truck is trying to hurt Chad.”

I looked at Benjy. “You stay in here son. Jeff, Ben and I will help Chad.”

Tears were streaming down his face. “OK Daddy, just hurry.”

I got Drew in the van while Ben motion Mo and Sasha to get inside. Jeff came up to us. “The twins filled me in on what they think is going on. They heard Chad inside that truck. The boys tried the doors but they’re locked. Have either of you handled a weapon?”

I hadn’t fired one in a while but felt confident. Ben had a .45 but he was like me. I looked at Ben and he nodded his head. “Yeah, we both have.”

We followed Jeff to the back of his car. He handed Ben a 9mm semi automatic and I got a shot gun. Jeff handed me 3 shells. “Load the buckshot first then the slug. Chamber the slug then load the other round.”

We went over to the truck and we could hear someone crying. “Stop it Brad, I’m going to tell Mom.”

“You little bastard. You were told to stay away from that f****** queer and his boys.”

Jeff took his fist banged it loudly against the door of the truck. “Police officer, open the door.”

Everything got quiet. We waited for several minutes but nothing happened. I looked up and saw movement through the mirror. Jeff saw it too then banged on the door again. “This is the police, open the door now or we will use force.”

I looked around and there was a box on the back of the rig. I looked inside and found a ball peen hammer. I didn’t like this setup. “Jeff, are you sure you want me to have a slug in here?”

He shook his head. “I thought I was going to have to shoot out a window but that won’t be necessary. Eject it and load in the buckshot.”

I did like he said then Jeff stood on the step out of sight and swung at the window with the hammer. The window shattered then we heard a voice. “You bastard, why’d you break my f****** window?”

The truck door swung open and a head came out. Jeff stuck his gun against the side of his head. “Don’t move or it will be your last.”

He looked down and saw two more weapons staring at him. “OK man, don’t shoot.”

“Ease your a** out of that truck and don’t make any sudden moves.”

I could see Ben aiming down on him but I really didn’t have a clear shot if I would have had to fire. As soon as the man feet were on the ground Jeff slammed his face against the truck. “Hands behind your back.”

He started to turn but I eased over and rested the barrel of the shotgun on his shoulder. I saw his eyes cut towards the barrel then he just did as he was told. Jeff searched the man and found the keys to the truck. He tossed them to Ben. “Open the passenger door and check on the boy.”

Ben unlocked the door and climbed up inside the rig. I saw him disappear into the sleeper then stuck his head back outside. “Mike, get up here.”

I went around to the passenger door and set the shotgun on the floor. I quickly climbed inside and there was Chad with his hands tied and naked. There were red welts on his butt. “Chad, did he touch you back there?”

Ben was untying Chad’s hands. “Yeah, it feels wet and slimy.”

I looked at Ben and felt a sick feeling in my stomach. Ben reached out and gently lifted the cheek of the boy’s bottom. We both looked down then breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s ok son, we can clean it off for you.”

Ben looked around and found some tissues. He grabbed a handful then lifted his butt and cleaned the boy. I found his shorts and underwear and helped get him dressed. I climbed out of the cab and saw Jeff had the jerk in cuffs. I looked up and Ben handed Chad down to me. Just then a car pulled up and woman got out screaming. “What the hell is going on here? Let go of my son. What’s he doing in handcuffs?”

Before Jeff could say anything, a local police car came up. Jeff showed the officer his ID then talked with him. The officer went over and took the man putting him in the police car then Jeff came over to us. “Lady, if you don’t want to be wearing bracelets, I’d shut my mouth and listen carefully.”

I set Chad on his feet and he legs could barely support his weight. “Mom, he was going to rape me. He tied my hands together then started spanking me hard.”

She shook her head. “I don’t believe you.”

Chad surprised us by pulling his shorts and underwear down. “Oh yeah, look at this.”

She slapped her hand over her mouth then glared at the police car. “Oh my god, I didn’t know son. I’m so sorry.”

She knelt down and wrapped him into her arms crying. Chad held onto her until she got her emotions under control. “Mom, this is Jeff Daniels. His boys found me and rescued me.”

I looked at Ben and he was reading my mind. We were worried about how she would take meeting Jeff face to face. “Mr. Daniels, thank you. My boyfriend had said some very nasty things about you and your boys and to be honest, I was starting to believe him but today I learned a lot. I’m Vivian Nelson, Chad’s mother.”

I bent over and pulled Chad’s shorts up and he looked at me and turned red. Jeff shook her hand. “It’s nice to meet you. These are my good friends Mike Parker and Ben Palmer.”

Just then we were surrounded by our boys and more introductions were made. Once this was done, we followed Chad and his mother toward their house. By now, the rain had stopped for now and this woman was about to allow a houseful of wet and soggy people to come in. she stopped then went to the garage and went in through the side door. She opened the over head door and we went in. She got us some towels so we could dry off then Jeff sneezed. “I think we should get these guys home and into some dry clothes. How about you and Chad come over for dinner?”

Chad looked at his Mom with pleading eyes. “I think that would be nice Mr. Daniels.”

We left and headed back to our vehicles. Our 4 boys were very quiet on the way to Jeff’s house. Try as I might, I could not be mad at my 2 for going out in the storm. I knew full well that had they stayed home, Chad surely would have been raped. When we pulled into the driveway and Ben shut the van off, I was immediately surrounded by my boys as was Ben. “Daddy don’t be mad.”

I kissed then gently and smiled. “No son, you did wrong but for a very good reason and kept Chad from being raped. I can’t be angry for saving a boy.”

I saw Jeff with the twins in his arms and all 3 were crying. Jeff carried the twins towards the garage and we followed. Jeff put the boys down then started taking his shirt off. “OK gang, strip. We aren’t going into the house soaking wet.”

The 6 naturists quickly shed their clothes then watched as the adults got undressed. As soon as we were naked, we headed inside to hot showers. The twins split up and there were 3 boys in the two showers and Ben and I even shared one. I hadn’t realized it but I was cold. At first the water stung and hurt but as I got warm, it felt good.

When we got out of the shower, the bottom opened up again and more rain came. I had just dried off when the power went out. It was still light out but with the shutters down, it was very dark. I managed to get to the stairs. “Boys, stay put and do not move. Someone will be up with a flashlight.”

I didn’t bother with shorts at that moment. Jeff came out of his room with a small flashlight. “Take this and go to the boys. I’ll get the generator going.”

I went up the stairs and went into the twins bathroom. There stood 3 boys in the middle of the bathroom in the middle of getting dried. “Come on guys, follow me.”

I led them into their room and they pulled on some shorts then I went to get the others. I hurried into the other bathroom and led them into their room as Ben came up with a battery lantern. “Jeff needs you downstairs.”

I went to our room and pulled on a pair of shorts then went out to the garage. Jeff and I got the generator filled with gas then we moved it outside. When we came back inside, Ben was there with the boys and soon the extension cords were in place and we had lights on.

I was about to check the phone to see if that worked but before I could, it rang. Jeff answered it and Chad was calling asking if the dinner invitation was still on. Jeff said it was and for them to come on over as soon as they could.

Ben looked at Jeff. “What had you got that we can cook for 11 people?”

Jeff led up back out to the garage and to a storage cabinet. “It’s not gourmet but it’s filling.”

I looked and he had loads of canned beef stew and other canned goods. He took out 4 big cans of stew and handed them to me. He went over to the fridge and took out 5 cans of biscuits. We went to the work bench and set the food down. I looked out the back door and noticed it had stopped raining. We went inside and got the items we needed for cooking. Jeff had the grill heating. “Cooking these biscuits is going to be a trick.”

Jeff laughed. “Not really. The grill will act as an oven but we will have to watch the temperature.”

I put the large pot on the bench then started opening the cans. The three of us were outside talking when the boys came out with Vivian and Chad. The boys went outside while we talked with Vivian. “Thanks for having us. When the power went out, I didn’t know what I was going to do.”

Jeff smiled. “It’s the least we could do. I would like to ask what your plans are as far as your boyfriend goes.”

She looked down at the ground then back up. “I’ve packed all his things and right now, they’re in the garage. If it hadn’t started raining, I would have thrown it into his truck.”

His truck was still on the street by her house. “Jeff, would there be any way to have the rig towed and impounded?”

He smiled when I asked the question. “If it’s not moved in a week, it will be removed. I don’t think he’ll be getting out on bond.”

Jeff and Vivian continued to talk while Ben and I watched the food. It took about 30 minutes to get the stew hot and biscuits were done in about the same time.

As we were eating, the power came back on and the boys let out a huge cheer. After the dishes were done, 7 boys hurried up stairs while the adults talk some more. Vivian looked at Jeff. “Jeff, I really didn’t like Chad being home alone. I know I don’t have the right but it would make me feel better if Chad was here while I wasn’t home.”

Jeff nodded his head. “Vivian, of course he’s welcome here. The boys get along together and while I’m at work, Ben and Mike will be here so there will always be an adult here.”

They overheard me and came into the living room with us. Chad hugged his Mom. “Thanks Mom. I’m glad you finally met Jeff and learned he’s not the bad guy Brad made him out to be.”

It was getting late and Vivian had to go to work in the morning. The next day, there was a knock on the door at 8 and there stood Chad smiling. He became a daily fixture and would even spend the night on occasions.

Brad couldn’t make bail and his truck was indeed towed and impounded. In July, he went to trial for child abuse, felony assault on a minor, attempted rape. Two days before the trial, Chad was a nervous wreck. “I don’t know if I can face him.”

Ben sat him on his lap and drew him into a hug. “He can’t hurt you any more son.”

He looked down at the floor and swung his feet. “I know but he still scares me. Can you guys be there?”

Ben and I had to testify but we hadn’t told Chad. I looked at him and nodded my head. “Yeah, we have to be there to testify.”

Chad smiled when he heard that. “Will you be in the courtroom?”

I shook my head. “I don’t know. That depends on if we’re called before you but we will be there. But the boys will be in the courtroom.”

We could see Chad thinking that over then he smiled. “Alright, since they’ll be in there I won’t be so scared.”

Chad was great on the stand and Brad’s lawyer tried to paint him as the one who came on to his client. In his closing statement, the DA said Chad could have walked around Brad naked and Brad had no right at all to do the things he did. The jury deliberated for just over 2 hours and convicted him on all counts. Brad Jessop was sentenced to 40 years in prison and had to serve 30 years of it before being eligible for parole.

Vivian started coming around to visit and she even accepted her son was gay. Ben and I watched as they grew closer and their relationship as Mother and son solidified.

As for us, things settled down to a dull roar. Well, as dull as it could be with 7 boys in a house but we all had a great time on our visit to Florida.

The End

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