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The Talon House

Bodega Bay


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Bodega Bay

Chapter Twenty Four

by Nick

"Come on," I said excitedly as I dug my key out of my front pocket and inserted it into the deadbolt, turning my head to address Justin, who was standing at the foot of the front porch with an unsure look on his face. "It's okay. My dad gave me the key this morning and said I could show you if I wanted to."

"Alright," he said apprehensively as he slowly approached me and waited for me to open the door. Once I was inside, I turned to the keypad on my left and punched in the code, my date of birth, and watched as Justin looked around the large empty living room. It was a little chilly in the vacant house, but that was because the heater was off. I could understand the reasoning behind that. We weren't living there just yet, so there was no reason to have the heater on.

I closed the door behind me and walked through the house, excited to take Justin to the back yard and show off the pool and hot tub. As we were walking through the house, I could tell he was still a little nervous about being there for some reason, so I reached for his hand and smiled at him.

"What's wrong, Justin?" I asked sweetly, trying to ease his fears.

"I don't know," he admitted. "I guess I'm worried that your dad's going to show up."

"So what if he does?" I asked with a shrug, earning an incredulous stare from him. I sighed and tugged on his arm, leading him the rest of the way to the back of the house. We walked down a set of steps into a long room that spanned the length of the house and had green astro-turf instead of carpeting. I walked him over to the window, where I pulled back the curtain and revealed an additional room with an indoor swimming pool with a slide and a hot tub that was built in at the shallow end of the pool.

"Holy crap Kevin," Justin exclaimed with a smile. "This is awesome, man."

"Are you glad we came now?" I asked him a little seductively, eliciting a happy nod from him as I felt his grip on my hand tighten. "Good, now will you relax?"

"Okay," he said, his voice softening. "I just don't know what I'm going to say to him."

"You don't have to say anything," I said. "I didn't say anything about you or Mark. Just me."

"Are you sure he wasn't angry?" he asked me pensively.

"I promise," I said, leaning in and stealing a quick peck on the lips. "Let's go back inside."

When we went back inside I walked him through every room in the house. I took my time when we got to my room, which was twice the size of the room I had at my grandparent's house. I opened the closet door for Justin and watched him marvel the same way I did the first time I walked in and realized it was the size of a small bathroom. There was a light switch on the wall and single fluorescent lighting built into the ceiling.

I turned the light off and we walked back out to the main area of my room, where I took his hand and tugged him toward the door. We walked back out through the living room and out to the garage. I looked up at the rafters in the ceiling and wondered to myself what my dad would store there. At his house in Modesto there were rafters in the garage, and he kept all of his diving equipment and inner tubes up there, as well as a few large boxes of seasonal decorations.

From there we walked back inside and made a bee line back to my room, where I sat down crossed legged on the floor and patted the spot next to me. Justin complied and I wrapped an arm around him, pulling him close to me so I could hear his soft breathing.

"What do you want to do?" I asked him as I ran my fingers through his curly locks. He silently shrugged his response, and I knew what that meant. I laid down on my back and pulled him down with me, then I rolled over to face him, wrapping my arms around him as I moved in for a taste of his sweet kiss.

I slid my tongue into his mouth and let it dance with his as my head spun and my lips tingled. We had time because it was a minimum day at school and being a Monday, I knew my dad was going to be in late. He always was. As our kiss lingered, it became obvious to me through my deliberate groping that Justin was hard, and I knew I was hard. As he continued to pleasure my tongue with his, I started to unbutton his jeans and as soon as they were loose, I slid my hand down the front of his pants to find my reward.

"Stand up," I said passionately as I broke our kiss. He smiled at me and followed my instruction, standing up and letting his jeans fall to the floor as I sat on my knees and waited. I slid his undies down and in one swift motion, I had his hardon in my mouth, sucking on it for all I was worth. We had walked straight to the house from school, and I could taste the activities of the day on him. As I ran my tongue over the head of his stiffness and sucked, I could feel it twitch in my mouth and I knew it wouldn't be long before he came. I reached back and ran my left hand up and down his soft butt cheek while I tugged on his balls with my right hand, then I let my hand travel into his crack, where I found his hot, steamy hole. I used my fingertips to rub it gently, making a circular motion over the diameter of his opening causing his hardon to twitch even harder in my mouth one last time before he groaned loudly and shot a warm, delicious and copious load of cum into my mouth that I greedily swallowed as fast as he could deposit it.

When I was sure there was no more of his seed to swallow, I licked his rock hard rod up and down, then I moved down to his nuts, bathing them thoroughly with my tongue. I pulled off of them and smiled up at him as I gripped his hips with both hands and silently urged him to turn around. When he did, I spread his two cheeks apart and licked up and down the inner crevice of each one, taking in their delicious taste and aroma before I moved to his crack. There was a small accumulation of sweat at the top, so I started at the bottom and ran my tongue to the top. I stopped briefly to zero in on his sweet hole before continuing my journey to the top, where I lapped the sweat away with a sense of urgency that was only exacerbated when I finally got to consume the tasty treat.

Once I had licked his crack clean, I moved my tongue back to his warm, inviting hole. I looked up when I felt his butt pushing back against me, and I took note of the fact that he was using his hips to press back against my face, which was buried between his cheeks. His juices were flowing heavily, and I was lapping them up for all I was worth. I continued to eat at his back door until my tongue started to tire and I knew I'd have to stop. I pulled my face out of his crack and licked my lips before moving in one more time, anxious for one last taste of Justin's delicious bottom. I licked up and down his crack a few times, then I clamped my lips around his hole and pushed my tongue against it as hard as I could, using my hands to pull his warm cheeks apart for better access as his juices continued to flow, enticing me to search for more. When I stopped for the final time, he turned to face me, his stiff rod in my face, so I opened my legs a little and lay down on the floor.

I had been making it a point to keep my promise to Mark and to myself about not having sex with Justin. I would have been lying if I had told him that we weren't messing around at all, but I was definitely not going all the way. Usually, if we had the chance to get together for anything, it was so I could give him a quick blowjob or rim job. I wasn't exactly being a saint, but it wasn't sex.

Well, not exactly.

But as I lay on the floor of my unfurnished room in the new house I would be sharing with my father, all I could think of was how badly I wanted to go all the way with Justin. He seemed to understand the signal I was sending him, too, because he was on top of me in a flash, raising my legs and lining up with my entrance as I eagerly anticipated the sex we were about to have.

By that point my own hole was moist and ready, so I welcomed him easily when he climbed between my legs and entered me. I closed my eyes for a moment and let the sensation of his stiff c*** penetrating me sink in, then I opened them and smiled at him as he started to move back and forth inside of me. I was in the throes of a hard orgasm in no time at all, and as soon as I felt the first spurt of cum leave my hardon, I felt him start to flood my insides with a warm load that made my body tingle.

Justin was far from the talented, well-endowed, thoughtful love maker that Mark was. He didn't posses Mark's stamina and he didn't necessarily go out of his way to make sure I came the dozen or so times we did it before Mark confronted me about our relationship. He certainly had a lack of skill compared to Mark as well.

But he had something I couldn't place. Whatever it was, it drove me crazy and made me long to be with him. I wanted to please him all the time, which was why I had no issue with pleasuring him with my mouth anytime I could. When he was inside of me, I felt like I was in the presence of some sort of deity, and my chastity was the only proper offering I could provide for him.

When we were finished, though, I felt guilty. Actually, I felt like a slut, and I knew Justin could pick up on how I was feeling. I didn't have a problem consuming him and orally pleasing him, but as soon as I let him enter me, I felt like I crossed a line. I had been faithful to Mark in that regard for well over a week, but right there, on the floor of my new room, I threw it all away for a moment of sheer heaven.

What made me feel so slutty was knowing that I would see Mark later, and that I would command him to enter me and please me again. I knew it was wrong, and I knew that he'd be able to tell that I had been with Justin in an unholy union of intercourse we had just indulged in. I also knew he wouldn't question it, and that bothered me even more.

It was as if he accepted the fact that his boyfriend, the one he was faithful to unconditionally, was a whore. He accepted it without an argument and with no questions. He just wanted me to stay with him. In exchange for that, he was willing to concede the exclusive rights to my body.

When I was with Justin, the idea that I was being such a whore made me feel even hornier. When I was with Mark, it made me feel awful about myself. The worst part was that I knew Justin and I would never be a couple. Even if Mark and I decided to break things off, Justin would never be mine. He had his own desires. Even though he would gladly take any sex that I was willing to give him, he had one defect that neither of us would be able to look past.

He liked girls.

I knew it all along. At the party his brother threw, he was sniffing around, trying to get a little play from some of the older girls. Before that, he had spent a good portion of every lunch period at school spitting his game to a group of seventh grade girls he was trying to sleep with. I knew that eventually they'd give in to his charms, too. He was a stud, and as much as I longed for his touch, I knew he needed something else.

I wondered to myself why in the world Justin wanted to mess around with me. It was never a question, either. On the weekends, if we were in the same bed, we were going to do something. He loved kissing, and he really enjoyed a good blowjob. Of course, I loved doing those things for him, and more. As much as it was never a question that he would be willing to mess around with me, it was never a question that I was anxious to service him.

For all of the guilt I felt at that moment, though, I still had no desire for him to leave me. I put my insecurities about cheating on Mark to the side and enjoyed the feeling of Justin's hardness inside of me. When he smiled down at me, I puckered my lips and offered him a kiss, which he accepted without delay.

"Let's stay like this for a while," I said, wrapping my legs tightly around his waist and pulling him closer to me.

"Okay," he said, giving in to my needs with a loving smile. "You feel so good to me today."

I grinned when he said that, knowing that I had essentially been holding out on him for nearly two weeks. I didn't feel as guilty as I thought I would in the beginning, but now that we had done the deed, I felt a little remorseful. As badly as I wanted to stay faithful to Mark, I had an even more urgent calling to satisfy my own needs. I was able to take the edge off of that urgency a little bit each day by indulging in the sweet nectar of life that Justin allowed me to drink from his body each day, but deep down, I knew that I really needed his love inside of me.

Waiting for Mark was hell.


"Dad, are you sure it works this way?" I asked as I took the object that looked so foreign to me back from him and positioned it over the can of pears I was trying to open.

"Are you serious Kevin?" my dad asked with conviction as he took the can and the hand operated can opener from me. "I can't believe you've never seen one of these before."

I just shrugged and leaned up against the counter to watch him work on the can. He was obviously better at it than I was, and with a few twists, he had the can opened and was pouring the fruit into a bowl for the two of us to eat it from. I took the bowl from him and started for the table with him right behind me, carrying a large platter of pork chops that were smothered in cream of mushroom gravy. At the table, a big pot of steaming mashed potatoes and a garden salad for four was waiting, and we were eager to dig in.

I took my designated place at the table and watched as my dad filled up two glasses with Coke and ice. When I had my glass in hand, I raised it up to meet his with a grin and listened to his toast.

"To our new home," he said as our glasses clinked, and in an instant, we both downed our soda and let out simultaneous belches.

"Ah," I said with a satisfied sigh as I handed him my glass for a refill.

"So are you excited buddy?" he asked with a hopeful smile. I smiled and nodded back, taking my cold glass from him and gripping it tightly in my palm as the cool sweat on the outside dripped between my fingers.

"When's the pool gonna be ready?" I asked eagerly as he plopped a pork chop on my plate, then one on his own.

"It's ready now, kiddo," he said, reaching for the mashed potatoes. He scooped out an extra large portion we both knew I couldn't finish but I said nothing. I was almost amused at how much trouble he had gone to in order to make our first dinner at the new house special. I used my spoon to make a large crater in the center of my potatoes and waited for him to fill it with gravy.

"Can we go swimming tonight?" I practically begged.

"Sure bud," he said with a warm smile as he finished loading our plates up by adding the salad and the pears. "We'll jump in after we've had a chance to let our food digest, okay?"

"Okay," I said happily. I was a little bummed out that I wasn't spending the night at Justin's with Mark, but I understood and so did Mark. When I told him I couldn't make it that night, he told me not to worry and kissed me on the lips. It was so sweet that I felt my heart flutter a little when our lips made contact.

When we finished supper I helped my dad clean up. I carried the dishes to the sink, where he was waiting to rinse them off and load them into the dishwasher. We wrapped up all the left over food and wiped the table down, then we sat together at the table for a little while and just talked. It was actually kind of nice to be able to enjoy a quiet conversation with my dad and not really have anything in particular to talk about.

While we were sitting there, I couldn't help but smile when I realized that we were just visiting. There was no problem or issue that had brought us to the table. We didn't have an argument, and we weren't hashing anything out. We were just enjoying being with each other. It was just the way I had always dreamt it would be.

After about an hour he reminded me that I wanted to swim, and again, I had to smile. I couldn't believe I had forgotten about the pool, but I was having such a relaxing time at the table I hadn't given it a second thought. We went to our rooms and changed into our trunks, then we met at the pool. I took note of the shape my dad was in, too. He had always kept himself in phenomenal shape, but I had no idea how. I had never known him to lift weights or run. In fact, I had never seen him do any type of exercise at all, but he still looked great.

I was a little apprehensive about getting in because I wasn't sure what the temperature was going to be, but that apprehension was gone in a flash when my dad came up from behind and pushed me in. As soon as I hit the water, I realized it had to have been heated at around ninety degrees. I heard him splash in right behind me and as soon as I spotted him, I tackled him. I jumped up and dunked his head under the water, but he was way too strong for me. Before I knew what was happening, I was sailing through the air and back into the pool, where I regained my bearings and swam his way again to seek my revenge.

An hour later we got out and dried off. I was glad my dad had remembered to bring towels with him, because I hadn't planned that far ahead. After we dried off we headed inside and to our respective bathrooms for a shower. I took a little longer then usual in the shower that night because I wanted to get the chlorine out of my hair and off of my body, but I didn't overdo it. When I was done, I went to my room and put a nightshirt and some undies on, then I went back to the living room so I could rejoin my dad, who had settled in front of the TV.

When he saw me he held his arm up so I could snuggle up to his side, then he wrapped it around me and gave me a small hug as I got comfortable. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the time on the cable box. It was only eight o'clock, and I knew that on Friday night, eight o'clock meant Smackdown! would be coming on. At some point between nine o'clock and the last match my eyes started to get heavy. It seemed like I blinked and the next thing I knew, it was eleven thirty and my dad was crashed out on the couch next to me.

I got up and went to the bathroom, then I turned the TV off and gave my dad a gentle shake. He got up and set the remote, which had been in his hand the whole time, on the coffee table. I took his hand and together, we walked through the house to make sure the lights were off and the doors were locked. When we go to my room, he pulled my covers back and I got in.

"Goodnight bud," he said as he sat on the edge of my bed. "Did you have a good day?"

"Yeah," I said with a smile. "I love our house, dad."

"I'm glad son," he said, leaning down to kiss my forehead. "I love you kiddo."

"I love you too dad," I said as he stood up. "I'll see you in the morning."

"We'll get up and make breakfast, okay?" he promised.

"Okay," I said happily. When he turned my light out and closed my door, I could have sworn I saw stars. I had a warm feeling in my body that I couldn't describe, but I knew it had a lot to do with the fact that it was finally true. My dad and I were finally far away from everything bad in my life, and we were all by ourselves. I closed my eyes and drifted off to a peaceful sleep, knowing that no matter what happened in the future, I could say that my dreams had become a reality.

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