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The Talon House

What's the difference between me and you?

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What's The Difference Between Me And You?

Chapter 9 – By Nick

"Good night, son," Jim said as he closed the door to Nick's room. Nick layed alone in his bed and thought about the time he spent alone with Taylor. When Nick showed Taylor his room, he got to spend about an hour alone with him. During that time, he was completely wrapped up in looking into Taylors beautiful brown eyes, and he felt like he could get lost in them for hours. As he thought about it, a familiar feeling came over him. It was one he had before, but it had never felt this intense.

Nick pulled the covers off him and spread his legs as wide as he could, letting the cool air hit his crotch and making the feeling even more pleasurable. As the memories of Taylor's face and his cute butt swirled around in Nick's head, he could feel the pleasure building in him. Slowly, he pulled his pajamas down, just a little bit, to let the air hit his naked crotch. Nick let his hand travel down to the exposed area, and he grabbed himself a few times. Finally, he lifted a leg and let his hand travel a little further down, so that he was feeling his own butt while he thought about Taylor. This was something Nick had done before, but this time it was different. He couldn't get Taylor out of his mind, and just the thought that tomorrow they would see each other at the bus stop made Nick's mind race.

"Nick, wake up buddy," he heard his dad say as he opened his eyes to blinding light. "Are you ok?"

Nick's eyes focused, and he realized that Jim had turned the light on. "Why are your pants down, Nick?" his father asked. It was then that Nick saw the cause for his father's alarm. He fell asleep with his pants down and his covers back.

"Do you have to go to the bathroom, son?" Jim said as he helped Nick sit up. He had to think quickly, so he just nodded his head and got up. Jim followed him to the bathroom, and he stood behind him waiting for something to happen. Nick knew that nothing was coming, so he just pulled his pajamas up and tried to leave.

"I thought you had to go," Jim said.

"I did, but I don't have to anymore," Nick said nervously. He knew that Jim could tell that he was lying about something, and as he started to walk out the door, Jim said, "Hold on a second, pal. Where do you think you're going?"

"Back to bed, dad," Nick said. "I'm tired."

"Not until you're done," Jim said. "You don't need to have an accident tonight."

"Dad," Nick whined in an irritated voice. "I don't need to go."

"Fine," Jim said as he walked with Nick back into the bedroom. "I don't know why you told me you had to go when you didn't. Are you sure you aren't lying to me?"

Nick didn't answer. Instead, he crawled into his bed, pulled the covers up over his head, and closed his eyes. He felt Jim kiss him on the cheek, and then he heard him close the door. As he was starting to fall back to sleep, Nick thought about what a close call he had.

"Can you come over again," Nick asked hopefully as he sat down next to Taylor on the ride home.

"Sure," Taylor answered, smiling at Nick and making his head spin. "Can we get on your computer again?"

Nick returned Taylor's smile and nodded. As they sat close, Nick had a hard time describing the feeling that he was getting. It felt like he wanted to give Taylor a hug, but at the same time, it was something more than that. Something he couldn't have ever put into words if someone had asked him to. It was as if someone had cast a spell over him, and all he could see was Taylor's cuteness.

"I have to go home and check in first, but I can ride my bike to your house after I do," Taylor said, snapping Nick out of his trance.

"Ok," Nick said. "I'll wait for you."

They got to their stop and Nick walked with Taylor to the edge of the street, where Taylor would have to cross and to be on the right road to walk home.

"I'll see you in a little bit," Taylor said, smiling at Nick and making him blush. Nick walked home and when he got inside, he told his grandparents that Taylor was coming over. He ran upstairs and put his backpack away. After he went to the bathroom, he came downstairs and got a snack. His grandparents always had the kind of cool snacks that his dad didn't let him have normally. Twinkies, Cupcakes, and Oreo Cookies were always around. He guzzled a soda, only because Jim was at work and he knew his grandparents wouldn't stop him, and he grabbed a handfull of licorice from the package that was sitting on the counter, then he ran upstairs and looked out his bedroom window, watching for Taylor to ride up on his bike. Finally, after about 15 long minutes, he saw Taylor ride up. He had changed his clothes, and was now wearing a plain white tee shirt and jeans. Nick smiled and ran down the stairs, out the door, and to the lawn.

"You can put your bike in the garage if you want to," Nick offered politely. Taylor got off his bike and walked it into the garage where he parked it next to Nick's bike.

Nick pushed the button on the wall and the garage door closed, then they walked inside.

Nick had introduced Taylor to his dad and his grandparents the day before, so today as they came inside, Linda greeted Taylor by name.

"How are you today, Taylor, "she asked. Taylor smiled sweetly at her and said, "Very good, ma'am. How are you?"

"I'm doing good," Linda answered. "Would you like a soda?"

"Yes ma'am," Taylor said, accepting the offer.

Nick opened the refrigerator and grabbed two cokes, giving one to Taylor and practically pulling him by the arm upstairs. When they got to his room, Nick closed the door and walked over to his computer desk, where he reached behind the tower to his computer and turned it on.

While the computer was starting up, Nick reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a cd-rom, and then he inserted it into the drive. Bass Pro Angler Edition started to run on the screen. He showed Taylor how to play the game, then finally he let him play on his own. Taylor seemed truly amazed by the computer, and Nick wondered why. Even though this was the first time he actually had a computer in his room, he and his dad actually had a computer that they never seemed to use. The games he had were now boring to him, but he was excited that Taylor was so happy playing them, so he lay back on his bed and watched as Taylor played.

Nick reached under his bed and pulled out his DVD collection, and started to sort through it. Taylor turned his head to see what Nick was doing, then he said," Wow, you have DVD's?"

"Sure I do," Nick said. "Don't you?"

"We just have tapes," Taylor said. Nick walked over to his closet and opened it, showing Taylor the vhs tapes he had lining the top shelf.

"Why do you keep all of your tapes in there," Taylor asked.

Nick shrugged and answered, "I guess it's because I never watch them anymore. My dad gets me DVD's."

Nick let Taylor pick out a movie, Austin Powers, and they put it in and watched it. They shared a giant beanbag on the floor in Nick's room and drank their sodas as they watched the movie. As it went on, Nick watched Taylor laugh. He was starting to get that feeling again; the one he had the night before. He wondered if Taylor ever felt the way he did, but he didn't dare ask. Watching Taylor enjoy the movie, Nick felt like he needed to do something. The feeling he had was getting stronger, so he tried to turn his attention back to the movie and laughed along with Taylor. When the movie was over, it was almost 6 o'clock, and Taylor knew he had to get home. Linda invited him to stay for dinner, but he couldn't. Nick walked him out to the garage so he could get his bike, and he decided to ask if he wanted to spend the night.

"If my dad says it's ok," Nick asked nervously, "Do you want to stay over tomorrow night?"

"I'll ask my dad," Taylor said. "If he says it's ok, yes."

Nick blushed and looked at the garage floor, smiling and finally looking back at Taylor. "I'll ask tonight when he gets home. Are you going to ask tonight?"

Taylor smiled and nodded, and Nick thought it almost looked like he was blushing. What happened next was almost out of Nick's control. As Taylor put his helmet on and climbed on his bike, Nick leaned forward to kiss him goodbye, but he caught himself at the last second. Taylor looked at him and smiled, but it was easy for Nick to see that he was blushing as much as Nick was.

"I'll see you tomorrow at the bus stop," Taylor said as he rode off.

Nick went back inside and sat down for dinner. While he ate, he asked his grandparents if it would be alright for Taylor to spend the night.

"Sure it would, kiddo," Tom said. "We're glad you're making friends already."

"I still have to ask dad," Nick said.

"Do you want us to talk to him too?" Linda offered.

"Will you," Nick asked. "I don't know if he'll say yes if he doesn't think it's ok."

"We will," Linda said.

They sat at the table and talked for a while as Nick picked at his plate, then they went into the family room to watch TV and wait for Jim to make it home. When he finally walked through the door, it was late, and he looked really tired. Nick wondered if it might be a bad time to ask, but he decided that he better or it would be too late. When Jim got out of the shower he sat down at the table to eat, and Nick joined him at the table.

"How was your day, dad?" Nick asked.

"It was long, babe," Jim answered as he dug into his plate. "How was your day?"

Nick smiled up at his dad and said, "It was good. Taylor came over and we watched Austin Powers."

"Sounds like you had fun then," Jim said with a full mouth. "What else did you do?"

"We played Bass Pro on the computer," Nick said.

"You didn't go online did you?" Jim asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No sir," Nick answered shaking his head.

"Ok, buddy," Jim said smiling.

"Dad," Nick started to ask, figuring that a smiling dad would be more likely to say yes than a frowning dad would, which was what Jim was when he walked through the door.

"Yes son," Jim said.

"Is it ok for Taylor to spend the night tomorrow," Nick asked. "I promise we'll be good."

"I don't know son," Jim said, making Nick's heart sink. "Tell you what. I'll talk to grandma and grandpa, and if they say it's all right, then yes. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until next weekend."

Nick smiled, knowing that it was already ok with his grandparents. He was trying to figure out what they would do all night. Nick had already worked out in his head that they would stay up late and watch DVD's or play games or just talk. He couldn't believe how lucky he felt.

"Why don't you go jump in the shower, son," Jim said as Nick sat and day dreamed.

"Yes sir," Nick said as he hopped up and ran out of the kitchen to the family room where he told his grandparents what his dad said. Then he ran upstairs and jumped in the shower, being sure to wash extra good so that Jim would notice. When he got out, he went into his room and Jim was waiting with his pajamas and a brush. When Jim was finished getting Nick ready for bed, Nick lay down in his bed and Jim pulled the covers up over him and kissed him.

"I'm glad you had a good day, son," Jim said as he sat on the edge of Nick's bed. "So you and Taylor are getting along pretty well?"

Nick smiled up at his dad and nodded.

"Did his parents say it was ok," Jim asked.

"He said he would ask tonight," Nick said, thinking about the fact that he wasn't sure if Taylor's dad would let him. "He's going to tell me tomorrow at the bus stop."

"Either way," Jim said. "I want his dad to call, or for one of us to call him, is that understood?"

"Yes sir," Nick smiled. "I really like him a lot, dad."

"I can tell, buddy," Jim said.

"Well, he's, you know," Nick started to say. "I think he's cute."

Jim smiled down at him and said, "Well, then that's a good reason to like him, son."

"I love you dad," Nick said.

"I love you too, baby," Jim said. "Go to sleep now, and I'll see you in the morning."

"Ok, goodnight," Nick said.

"Goodnight, son," Jim said, getting up to leave the room. He shut the light off and closed the door, and Nick laid awake for a long time, thinking about Taylor. Eventually, he fell asleep.

* * *

"I have seventy dollars in my top drawer," Nick bragged to Taylor as they rode on the bus on the way home. "Maybe we can order a pizza tonight."

"You have seventy dollars," Taylor said in amazement.

"Yep," Nick said smiling proudly. "I've been saving my money."

"Cool," Taylor said. "Maybe I can get my dad to give me some money."

"You don't have too," Nick said. "I want to pay for it. You're the guest."

Taylor looked at Nick and smiled, and once again, his smile made Nick's head spin. Nick smiled back, and Taylor looked down shyly.

Once they were off the bus, Taylor went home to pack his clothes and see if he could get some money from his dad. Nick watched him cross the street and then turned and ran home. He was more excited now than he had ever been in his life. From the moment that Taylor told him that his dad said it was ok to spend the night, he had been feeling like he was floating on a cloud and his mind raced with thoughts of what they would do.

When he walked through the door, he pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it to Linda. She unfolded it and found Taylor's telephone number written in Nick's jumbo-sized handwriting. She gave Nick a look that said she was amused, then she dialed the number and spoke with Taylor's stepmom, Cindy. While she was on the phone, Nick was digging through the refrigerator for something to drink. He searched high and low, and finally after pondering the selections, he settled on a Capri sun. After he drank it, he ran upstairs and went to the bathroom, then he went in his room and waited for Taylor to show up.

As he looked out the window, he thought about the way he felt when he was around Taylor, and pretty soon, that familiar feeling started to come over him again. Thoughts of Taylor's expressive brown eyes and soft looking dirty blonde hair made him sigh with a smile. Just when Nick was thinking that he couldn't feel any better, he saw Taylor ride his bike up the driveway.

By the time he made it downstairs, Linda had already let Taylor in.

"There you are," Linda said. "I was just about to call for you."

"Sorry," Nick said shyly, ashamed of what he had been up to. "I was in the bathroom."

Nick led Taylor up the stairs and to his room, where they put Taylor's bag with his change of clothes.

"What do you want to do?" Nick asked as he smiled at Taylor. "We can do anything you want to do."

Taylor shrugged and looked around. "Do you want to ride bikes?" he asked.

"Sure," Nick said. "Let's go down on the trail again."

"Ok," Taylor said smiling. Nick let him lead the way down the stairs so that he could get a better look at his butt as he walked. When they got to the bottom of the stairs, Tom walked in from the family room.

"Hi grandpa," Nick said. "I haven't seen you yet." Nick walked over and hugged his grandpa, and he looked over at Taylor, who was watching with a shy smile on his face.

"So what are you guys doing tonight," Tom asked.

"We haven't decided," Nick said. "But I have some money, and I was wondering if it was ok for me to order a pizza." Nick looked hopefully at his grandpa, who raised an eyebrow at him and asked, "Oh, yeah? How much do you have?"

"Seventy dollars," Nick said proudly.

"Well, keep your money," Tom said smiling. "Grandpa's buying pizza tonight."

"Thanks grandpa," Nick said as he gave his grandpa another hug. "Me and Taylor are going to ride bikes for a little bit, ok?"

"Ok, but not for too long," Tom said. "It's supposed to rain tonight."

"Yes sir," Nick said as he and Taylor made their way toward the door in the hallway that led to the garage.

As they rode toward the trail, Nick watched as Taylor stood up and pedaled his bike, giving him a good view of his butt. A couple of times, Taylor turned back and grinned at him, and Nick felt like he had to catch his breath each time. Finally, they reached the trail, and after they rode a few yards down, Taylor made a quick turn down a smaller path. They ended up in front of the clubhouse of the golf course that Nick found the first day he rode his bike alone. Taylor circled the parking lot and Nick followed him, and finally they stopped near a large black Chevy truck.

"My dad's here," Taylor said. "Let's see if we can find him."

Nick and Taylor laid their bikes down in front of the clubhouse and walked inside. Once inside, they spotted Taylor's dad standing at the counter.

"Hey sport," Charles said as he spotted his son.

"Hi daddy," Taylor said sweetly.

"Hi Mr. Charles," Nick said as he watched Taylor give his dad a hug.

"How are you, Nick," he asked.

"I'm good, thank you," Nick said.

"Can I have some money," Taylor asked. "Please?"

Nick blushed while Taylor was asking, because he noticed that Taylor was making an extra cute face as he looked up at his dad.

"Sure sport," Charles said pulling out his wallet and taking out some money. He handed it to Taylor, who took the money, counted it, and cut his eyes at his dad as if to say, 'You've got to be kidding me.' Charles seemed to take the hint. He reached back into his wallet and pulled out more money, making Taylor smile. As Nick watched Taylor hug and kiss his dad, he wondered if Taylor's smile had the same effect on his dad as it had on him.

They jumped back on their bikes and rode back down the trail toward Nick's house. When they got there, they put their bikes back in the garage and went back inside. When they walked into the family room, Nick noticed his grandma and grandpa seemed to be talking about something between them, as if they were discussing an idea. When they saw Nick, Tom spoke up.

"Do you boys want to camp out down here tonight," he asked. "I have a small tent and if you want I can put it together and you guys can sleep in it."

"Cool," Taylor said. He obviously thought it was a good idea, so Nick smiled and nodded his head in agreement. Anything Taylor wanted to do was what he wanted to do.

"You guys need to decide what kind of pizza you want," Linda said. "I'm going to call and order."

Nick waited for Taylor to speak, but he never did. Finally, he spoke up.

"Any kind Taylor wants is ok," Nick said. "He's the guest."

Nick knew that if they got the kind he liked, Taylor would be miserable. Nick's favorite pizza was Hawaiian veggie pizza. He didn't care for meat on his pizza, but he loved the vegetables that came on a pizza, except for onions.

"Pepperoni's ok," Taylor said shyly.

"Yeah, pepperoni," Nick said. Linda called and ordered the pizza while Nick and Taylor went upstairs.

Nick turned the light on in his room and led the way. He grabbed the remote control and turned on the TV, then he handed Taylor the remote. While they settled down on Nick's bed to watch TV, they talked about different things.

"Mrs. Fritzens a b****," Nick said. He knew better than to cuss, but he felt safe with his door closed, and he wanted to show off in front of Taylor.

"I think she's a b**** too," Taylor agreed. "I think she has a fat a**."

Nick and Taylor giggled as they continued talking about Mrs. Fritzen, whose ears must have been burning by this point. As they laughed and traded cuss words in the room, the doorbell rang and they both jumped up and ran downstairs. As they expected, it was the pizza. As Tom carried it from the front door, he bypassed the kitchen and carried to the family room. Nick noticed that Tom had already pitched the tent, and he smiled at his grandpa. Linda had paper plates in the family room already, and there was even an ice chest on the floor full of sodas. Nick felt like he had the world's coolest grandparents. They were doing so much to make sure that he and Taylor had a good sleepover, much more than they had to do. Nick and Taylor tore into the pizza, and after they ate, Tom and Linda went upstairs

"Let's take some pizza with us in the tent," Nick said.

They piled some pieces on a plate and went inside the tent to lie down and watch TV. Tom had it set up where the opening was facing the TV so that they could lay down on their stomachs and watch it from the tent. Eventually, they couldn't find anything to watch on TV, so they went upstairs to Nick's room to find a DVD. After trying to find one movie that they wanted to watch, they gave up and brought the whole case of DVD's downstairs.

They decided to watch Tommy Boy first, and as it was starting, Jim walked through the front door.

"Wow, guys," he said happily as he came in. "Did grandpa put this together for you?"

"Yes sir," Nick answered. "There's pizza for you on the coffee table, too."

Jim opened the box and pulled out 2 pieces, eating them both as if they were one. Then he got down on his knees and looked inside the opening of the tent.

"Are you two going to sleep in here tonight?" he asked.

Nick and Taylor looked at eachother and shrugged, then back at Jim.

"I don't know, dad," Nick said. "Can we?"

"Why not," Jim said as he got up. "I'm going to go take a shower."

Jim went upstairs and Nick heard the water start. Jim came downstairs shortly after and asked Nick to come into the kitchen with him. Nick got up nervously and walked in, and Jim closed the door to the kitchen so that they had privacy.

"Come here, buddy," Jim said as he sat down at the table.

Nick walked over to the table and stood in front of his dad, who leaned forward to kiss him on the forehead. "I missed you today," he said.

"I missed you to daddy," Nick said. "Did you have a good day?"

Jim nodded and ran his hand over Nick's face. Finally he lifted him up and put him in his lap.

"Son, I might go over to Lori's house in a little bit," he said. "Is that alright with you?"

"Yes sir," Nick said.

"Ok, because if it isn't, you need to let me know," Jim said.

"It is," Nick said.

"Are you sure," Jim asked.

"I'm sure dad," Nick said as he kissed his dad on the cheek. "I love you."

"I love you too babe," Jim said smiling at his son. "Are you having fun?"

Nick smiled and nodded. "We're going to watch movies all night," he said. "What time will you be home?"

"I'm not sure pal," Jim said.

"Can we go to the movies tomorrow?" Nick asked.

"Ok, we can." Jim answered. "What movie do you want to go see?"

"Can I ask Taylor?" Nick asked hopefully.

"Sure, go ahead." Jim said. "Why don't you two decide tonight and we'll go see whatever you pick out tomorrow."

Jim scooted Nick off his lap and said, "I guess you aren't going to shower tonight."

"Can I do it tomorrow? Nick asked.

"That's fine son," Jim said. "You need to put your jammies on though"

"Yes sir," Nick said. Jim got up and kissed him one more time before he opened the door and walked out to the hallway, grabbed his coat, and was out the door. Nick locked the front door, went back into the family room, and got back in the tent with Taylor.

"Is everything ok?" Taylor asked.

Nick nodded his head and said, "My dad wants to take us to the movies tomorrow if you want to go."

"Sure I do," Taylor said.

"We have to pick a movie we want to go see," Nick said. "We can do it tomorrow. My dad said I have to put my pajamas on. Do you have any?"

"In my bag," Taylor answered.

They both got up and Nick followed Taylor up the stairs, looking closely at his cute butt as he took each step. When they got to Nick's room, Nick closed the door and Taylor grabbed his bag. The first thing Nick did was strip down to his underwear. He noticed that Taylor was staring at him as he went to his dresser drawer to look for some pajamas. When he couldn't find any, he looked in his laundry basket, where he found four pairs.

"I don't have any clean pajamas," Nick said as he turned away from the laundry basket and toward Taylor, who was now stripped down to his underwear and still staring at him. Taylor gave Nick a huge smile, and Nick couldn't help but smile back. Nick grabbed all four pairs of pajama pants and walked back to his bed to sit down. As Taylor was bending over to get inside his bag, Nick caught a glimpse of his butt, covered in nothing but his white underwear, and his insides jumped. Taylor took his pajamas out of the bag and walked back over to where Nick was.

"What are you going to do," Taylor asked. "Can't you just wear one of those?"

"Maybe I can just wear a shirt," Nick said as he held the different pairs of pajama pants up to his nose and sniffed. "I can't wear these."

Taylor giggled at Nick while he was sniffing his pajamas, and Nick playfully shoved them in his face, making Taylor laugh harder.

"If you aren't careful, I'm going to make you smell my pants," Taylor said.

Nick grabbed Taylor's jeans off the bed and playfully held them up, and smelled the crotch section. Then he shoved them in Taylor's face, making Taylor laugh again.

"I'm not scared to smell anything," Nick said, trying to let Taylor know that there was no way to get revenge.

"Anything?" Taylor said.

"Nope," Nick bragged. "I'll smell anything."

"Even a dogs butt?" Taylor said, making Nick laugh hysterically.

"Yep, even your butt." Nick said with a silly smile. He noticed Taylor grinning back at him, causing him to blush and look down for a silent moment. Finally, Taylor said, "Can I use your bathroom?"

Nick got up and led Taylor to the bathroom, and he went inside and waited with him until he was done. They washed their hands and went back into Nick's room.

"Do you want to sleep in the tent tonight," Nick asked.

"We can," Taylor shrugged.

Nick and Taylor gathered up all of the pillows and blankets they could and walked downstairs to lay in the tent, where they watched more movies until they fell asleep.

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