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Inept Bank Robber Drops in on Mounties


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Inept Bank Robber Drops in on Mounties

Thu Aug 19, 8:29 AM ET

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - Three off-duty police officers in a Vancouver suburb found themselves surprise witnesses to a bank robbery on Wednesday by an inept thief who apparently did not realize his own weight.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers were waiting in a car at an intersection outside a bank in Burnaby when a man suddenly ran out of the building and into the traffic where he nearly collided with a vehicle.

Realizing that something was amiss, the Mounties chased the man on foot as he ran into a nearby marine products supply store where witnesses said he attempted to hide by climbing into a ceiling area.

"Customers and the officers could hear the man struggling, until they finally heard him say, 'Help me'," the RCMP said a statement.

The ceiling tiles then collapsed under the man's weight and he landed in a boat that was on display. He was arrested and the money recovered.


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