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What's the difference between me and you?

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What's The Difference Between Me And You?

Chapter 17 - by Nick

"Dang Nick," Taylor exclaimed as he shook his head. "You're crazy for doing that jump."

Nick giggled as he slid on his back tire to a stop. "Hell no," he said brazenly, feeling confident about himself after taking such a high jump. "That jump wasn't s**t. I'll build a bigger ramp and take it if I can find more wood."

Nick knew he wasn't supposed to be cussing. Jim had yelled at him over and over about it, but it was a habit he was picking up from James. At first it was awkward to him. He cussed a few times in front of Taylor, but only to show off. But lately, it felt natural to cuss, especially if his dad wasn't around.

Nick also knew that he wasn't supposed to be jumping his bike. The one time that Jim had caught him and James jumping their bikes was the same day he had bought them, and he exploded at both of them and told them that they weren't allowed to do it anymore. Since that day, both James and Nick had taken more jumps on their bikes than they could recall. Nick knew that if Jim ever caught him, he could kiss his bike goodbye for a long time. But since Jim didn't know about the trail, he would never be able to catch them in the act.

Nick got back on his bike and took the jump a few more times, showing off for Taylor. When he was done, he rode back over to where Taylor was sitting on a fallen tree branch and got off his bike.

"Want to see what else I can do?" Nick asked.

"Sure," Taylor shrugged. Nick walked about 10 feet away from Taylor, to be sure he had plenty of room, then he worked up the thickest wad of snot and spit he could and spit it straight up into the air. As it started to fall, he got underneath it and opened his mouth, which he used to catch the falling flemball.

"Gross!" Taylor laughed as Nick looked proudly back toward him and smiled.

"My dad taught me how to do that," Nick bragged.

"Let me try," Taylor said. Nick sat down on the branch and watched as Taylor worked up a wad of spit and snot and spit it up in the air. At first, Taylor seemed to get underneath it as it fell, but at the last minute, he tried to get out of the way and it landed on his arm. Nick cracked up as Taylor wiped his spit off his arm with his hand.

"That was awesome," Nick said. "Do it again."

Taylor grinned and let another spit wad fly. This time, he stayed under it and caught it back in his mouth, then he spit it back out. Nick got up and took another turn while Taylor watched from the branch. Finally, he walked back over to the branch and sat down next to Taylor, who was smiling at him.

"I'm glad you're spending the night Taylor," Nick said.

"Me too, Nick," Taylor said, still smiling. "I was so bored last weekend."

"I wasn't bored, but it wasn't as fun without you," Nick said. "Me and James stayed up all night on Saturday because my dad and my papu were snoring so loud."

"What did you guys do," Taylor asked.

"We just talked about stuff and James did my hair," Nick said. "He cut my nails, too."

Nick held his nails out as if they were wet from having fingernail polish on them, then he ran his hand over each other to show them off, like he saw people do on the commercials for fake nails, making himself and Taylor giggle.

"You're so silly, Nick," Taylor said.

"Let's go to my house and do something," Nick said. "It's my turn to take Skalaki outside. Maybe my dad will let us take him for a walk."

They got on their bikes and rode back to Nick's house, racing each other along the way. Nick let Taylor get in front of him on purpose so that he could get a good look at his butt as he stood up and pedaled. Taylor looked back and grinned at Nick, as if he knew what he was up to, but then he sped up to make sure he beat Nick to the driveway.

When they went inside they could smell food cooking, so they went into the kitchen where they found James and Lori making dinner.

"How come you didn't come with us," Nick asked James as he and Taylor sat down at the breakfast bar.

"I wanted to help Miss Lori make dinner," James said. "She's showing me how to cook."

"Is dad home yet," Nick asked.

"He went to the store," Lori answered. "He'll be back in a little bit."

"I wanted to take Skalaki for a walk," Nick said. "It's my turn to take him outside, and I was wondering if I could walk him instead."

Nick decided to wait for Jim to get home rather than take a chance on it not being ok and finding out after he already did it. The weather was turning, and it was a lot colder outside than it had been. Jim was strict about making sure the dog didn't have to be outside in the cold any longer than he had to be, and Nick had a feeling in his gut that today Jim might not want him outside for long.

While they were waiting, Nick and Taylor took Skalaki upstairs to his room and closed the door. They turned the TV on and settled down on the beanbag to watch cartoons while Skalaki jumped up onto Nick's bed and curled up on the blanket to go to sleep.

"He's so cute," Taylor said as he looked back toward Skalaki. "I wish I had a puppy."

"He's your puppy too," Nick said.

"Yeah, but I don't have one at my house," Taylor pouted. "I wish we could have one."

"At least you don't have to feed him and pick up his poop," Nick said.

"I wouldn't care," Taylor said. "I'd do everything for him."

"Why don't you ask your dad for one?" Nick suggested.

"I already did," Taylor said bitterly. "He said I wasn't old enough."

"Maybe when you turn nine he'll get you one," Nick said. "My dad wasn't going to let me have one, but then he changed his mind."

"I told my dad that," Taylor said, sounding frustrated. "He won't listen to me."

Nick felt bad for Taylor as they talked. He hated to see Taylor looking so defeated, so he got up, picked Skalaki up off his bed and handed him to Taylor.

"Here, Taylor," Nick said sweetly. "He's your puppy too. You can hold him and love him, and I'll do all the work."

Taylor took Skalaki from Nick and smiled warmly, then he cuddled him like he was a baby. Nick watched as Taylor settled back down on the beanbag with the puppy in his arms and he got a warm feeling inside. Just as they were getting comfortable on the beanbag, Jim opened the door and came inside with Skalaki's leash.

"Hey guys," he said softly. "I heard you wanted to walk your dog."

Nick smiled as he got up and took the leash from Jim. "Thank you daddy," he said sweetly.

"You're welcome, son," Jim said. "I just want you to go around the block, ok?"

"Yes sir," Nick said. Taylor stood up and carried the puppy downstairs with him. When they got to the backyard, he set him down and Nick put the leash around his collar and handed it to Taylor. Jim handed Nick a plastic grocery bag before he left, and soon they were off. As they walked around the block, Nick's imagination started working again. He pretended to himself that he and Taylor lived together as husbands and that they were walking their dog. He looked back at his house and saw Jim's car in the driveway, and he pretended that it was his car and that he was the one who went to the store for Taylor, who was cooking dinner for him.

As they got to the end of the street, Nick took the lead and went onto the trail. Taylor followed him down the path, and soon they stopped.

"Why did we come here," Taylor asked.

"So Skalaki can go potty," Nick said. "That way he won't go in someone's yard."

"Isn't that why you have the bag," Taylor asked.

"Yeah, but I hate picking it up," Nick said. "Let's just see if he goes."

They waited patiently for something to happen, but Skalaki didn't do anything. Nick tried to force him to go by pushing down on his hind legs, trying to get him to squat, but Skalaki just sat down.

"Maybe he doesn't have to go," Taylor said.

"He does," Nick said. "I know what to do."

Nick unzipped his pants and took out his pecker. He aimed it away from Taylor, but he left it where Skalaki could see what he was doing, then he started peeing. While he was going, he noticed that Taylor was looking at his privates, and he looked up at him and smiled. When he was done, he zipped his pants back up and took the leash from Taylor, who walked over to the spot where Nick had just pee'd and unzipped his pants. Nick watched as Taylor took his pecker out and started going. Nicks insides were jumping with excitement when he got to look at Taylor's pecker. He had an urge to grab it and play with it, but he knew that they had to get back soon. Taylor shook his pecker before he put it back in and zipped his pants up.

Just as they were about to give up and leave, Skalaki lifted his leg and pee'd, then he sniffed around a little and finally he squatted and pooped. Nick was about to leave without picking it up, but Taylor took the bag from him and did it himself. When they got home, Taylor threw the bag in the garbage can and they went inside to wash their hands.

While they were in the bathroom washing up, Nick purposely brushed his hand across Taylor's bottom. Seeing Taylor's privates earlier had him feeling sexy, and he couldn't resist the urge to feel his butt. Taylor turned and gave him a playful smile as they dried their hands, and Nick's heart started to beat faster. They went downstairs and sat down at the table for dinner, and while they ate, Nick was running back in his head how sexy Taylor's pecker looked.

Dinner seemed to take forever to get through. James and Lori worked hard on it, and everything was delicious. Just as dinner was finally over, James took a cake out of the refrigerator that he had helped Lori make. Nick was definitely not in the mood for cake, but his dad gave him a look that told him that he was at least going to eat a piece, and he was going to thank James and Lori for making it.

"Why are you so anxious to leave the table, son," Jim asked, sounding irritated and a little suspicious.

"I just want to watch cartoons," Nick fibbed. "Also, me and Taylor are trying to decide what we want to be for Halloween."

"Ok," Jim said. "Take your plates to the sink and you're excused."

Taylor got up to take his and Nicks plates to the sink, but Jim cleared his throat and gave Nick a warning look, and Nick spoke up.

"I'll do it Taylor," he said as he took both plates from him. Jim nodded at Nick as if to tell him that he was pleased, and Nick made his way toward the kitchen sink with the dishes. Nick and Taylor made their way from the kitchen to the stairs, and then they raced up to Nick's room, trying to get in front of each other to be the first one there. Nick beat Taylor to the door, but Taylor edged in front of him and got inside first, jumping onto Nick's bed and grabbing the remote off Nick's nightstand.

"Cheater," Nick said, grinning as he climbed onto the bed next to his friend.

"I'm not a cheater," Taylor said. "I'm the winner."

They settled down on the bed and turned their attention to the TV for a while. Eventually, Jim came upstairs and into the room to remind Nick to feed Skalaki before he went to sleep.

"I will dad," Nick promised.

"Okay, Nick," Jim said. "We're going to watch a movie later on. It's scary, so I want you guys to know in advance."

"What movie," Nick asked.

"The Bone Collector," Jim said. "I think it'll give you nightmares, son."

"I won't be scared," Nick bragged in front of Taylor.

"Uh huh," Jim said sarcastically. "We'll see about that."

"How long until you watch it," Nick asked.

"In a little bit," Jim said. "You two can come watch it if you want, but I think you should just stay up here and watch something else."

Nick smugly got up and walked downstairs to feed Skalaki. Taylor followed him out to the garage where they kept his food and water dish. Nick filled up both bowls and set Skalaki out to eat. They went back inside and sat down in the family room to watch the movie. The opening scene was more than Nick could handle. Nicks jaw dropped and he turned to his dad, who was giving him an I told you so look, then he got up and went upstairs. Jim followed him and Taylor up the stairs and into Nick's room.

"Are you okay, buddy," Jim asked. Nick nodded nervously, but he was honestly shaken up by what he had seen. Jim sighed and sat down on Nick's bed.

"Come here son," he said as he held his arms out for Nick, who went over to him. "It's just a movie, son. It's not real."

"I know," Nick said quietly. "I'm okay."

"Are you sure," Jim asked.

"Yes sir," Nick answered. "Do I have to go back down there to let Skalaki back in?"

"I'll take care of it son," Jim said. "I want you two to stay up here, ok?"

Nick nodded and leaned up against his dad's chest, where he felt safe. Jim gave him a kiss and patted his back, then he got up and left the room. Nick lay down on the bed and held his pooh bear while Taylor turned the TV back on.

"Are you still scared Nick," Taylor asked sweetly.

"No," Nick fibbed. "I'm okay."

"Do you want me to lie next to you," Taylor asked, making Nick smile. He moved over to give Taylor room to climb over him, then he snuggled back up against Taylor's chest. He felt Taylor wrap his arms around his waist and grab his hands, so he snuggled closer. He turned his head to look back at Taylor, who was smiling at him and blushing.

"Will you scratch my hair with your fingers," Nick asked. Without answering, Taylor started running his fingertips through Nick's hair. Nick closed his eyes for a moment to enjoy the feeling of being so close to Taylor again. He moved his hand along Taylor's pant leg and opened his eyes again to Taylor's smile. He turned over to face him, away from the TV set, and he snuggled his head into Taylor's chest while he ran his fingers through his hair.

Nick kicked his shoes off his feet to get more comfortable, then he felt Taylor's legs working to do the same thing. He heard Taylor's shoes land on the floor when Taylor finally kicked them off, then he felt Taylor's feet rubbing up against his, trying to tickle the bottoms of his feet with his toes.

"Hey," Nick giggled as the first jolt of tickle ran into his feet.

"Sorry," Taylor said, but he kept on trying to tickle Nick's feet with his toes. Nick answered back by tickling Taylor's ribs, making him jerk in the bed and laugh hysterically. Finally, after a few minutes of tickling back and forth, they settled down to watch TV again. While they were lying on the bed, Nick reached out and grabbed Taylor's hand to hold it.

Nick felt so attracted to his friend at that moment but he didn't really know what Taylor was thinking. He meant to ask Taylor how he felt, but every time he thought about doing it, he was scared that Taylor wouldn't be his friend anymore if he found out he was gay.

While they were laying there, Nick guided Taylor's hands back up to his hair. Taylor's fingers were soon working their way through his hair while he wrapped his arm around Taylor and rubbed his back. For the rest of the night they just stayed that way. Nick felt overwhelmed with his feelings a few times while they were laying there, and he wanted to come out to Taylor and tell him how he really felt about him. But every time he seemed to work up the courage to do it, he would get nervous and change his mind and feel really awful about himself.

Every time he would change his mind, though, something else would happen. To Nick, it seemed like Taylor could sense when he was starting to panic and feel bad about himself, and just when the pressure was starting to feel like it was too much for Nick to take, Taylor would snuggle a little closer to Nick and plant a kiss on his head. Finally, Nick just relaxed and listened to Taylor's heart beating as his fingers ran through his hair and before long, he was sleeping.

Nick carefully moved Taylor's arm from around his waist, trying hard not to wake him as he slowly inched his way out of his bed. He got up and made his way to the door, opening it slightly so that he wouldn't let too much light into the room, then he slipped out to the hallway to make his way to the bathroom. The air conditioner was on, making him shiver almost uncontrollably as he stood in front of the toilet to pee. When he finished, he crept back down the hallway toward his room. As he neared the top of the stairs, he could hear the movie still playing and he realized that he and Taylor hadn't been asleep for very long. Deciding that it was too cold in the house, Nick made up his mind to go back downstairs and ask his dad to turn off the AC. When he got to the family room, everyone was sleeping soundly in front of the movie.

"Dad," Nick said as he shook Jim awake. "Dad I'm cold. Can you turn off the air conditioner?"

Jim opened his eyes and looked blankly at Nick for a moment, and then he seemed to come around.

"Hey buddy," Jim said as he stretched his arms and legs. "What are you doing up?"

"It's too cold," Nick complained. "I can't sleep because I'm freezing."

Jim sighed as he stood up and headed for the hallway where the control for the AC was.

"I'm sorry, babe," he said as he adjusted the setting for the temperature. "I didn't know I had it set this low."

A few moments after Jim adjusted the temperature the AC turned itself off. Nick followed his dad into the kitchen where Jim opened the refrigerator and took out a soda. He sat down at the table and motioned for Nick to climb up onto his lap. Nick got comfortable in his dads lap, then he took a drink of his dad's soda and put it back down on the table.

"Are you still upset about the movie," Jim asked as he rubbed Nicks back. Nick rested his head up against his dad's chest and smiled.

"No sir," Nick said. "We watched cartoons and I forgot about it."

"That's good," Jim said. "How was your day today, son? We didn't get to visit when I got home today."

"I had a good day," Nick said with a smile. "I miss papu already though. I wish he didn't have to go home."

"I know, baby," Jim said softly. "I miss him too. But he's only been gone a day, and he'll be back for Thanksgiving."

"I know," Nick said. "I just wish we could all live together."

"I do too, sweetheart," Jim said, planting a kiss the top of Nicks head. Nick wrapped his arms around his dad's chest and wondered to himself if he would ever have a son to sit with, or if he would ever make his dad a grandfather one day

"Dad?" Nick started slowly.

"Yes son," Jim said.

"If someone's gay, can they still have a son," Nick asked.

"Maybe," Jim answered softly. "Why do you ask?"

Nick looked up into his dads eyes and saw that Jim was smiling down at him. He had a loving look on his face, and it melted Nick's heart when they made eye contact.

"I was just wondering," Nick said, looking away because he was suddenly feeling ashamed.

"What's wrong, son," Jim asked. Nick knew that his dad could tell if he was upset, and he was trying his best to pretend that nothing was wrong, but he couldn't.

"I love you daddy," Nick said as he snuggled his body as close as he could into his dads.

"I love you too, Nick," Jim said. "I want you to know that I'll always love you, okay?"

"I'll always love you too," Nick answered.

Jim wrapped his arms around Nick and rocked him back and forth like a baby for a few minutes, and then he kissed him on the cheek and rubbed his nose up against Nick's nose. Nick smiled up at his dad and enjoyed the attention he was getting. It seemed like they hadn't really been spending a lot of time alone together before now, and having this time with his dad felt special to Nick.

"Do you want daddy to carry you upstairs," Jim asked as he stood up with Nick still cradled in his arms.

"Yes," Nick said with a smile.

They made their way into the family room where Jim sat down on the love seat with Nick in his lap and shook James awake.

"Come on, buddy," Jim said softly as he stood back up with Nick, pulling James to his feet and putting one arm around his shoulder to help him stand up. "Are you okay?"

James nodded with his eyes shut and wrapped both of his arms around Jim's waist and rested his head under Jim's arm as they made their way upstairs. Jim led James to the bathroom and then he took Nick into his room to use his bathroom. When he was done, Jim took him to his own room and tucked him in.

"Goodnight sweetheart," Jim said as he kissed Nick on the cheek. "I'll see you in the morning."

"Goodnight daddy," Nick said. "I love you."

"I love you too babe," Jim said as he got up and headed for the door.

As soon as the door closed Nick turned and curled up to Taylor's chest again. Taylor was fast asleep, and as Nick watched him, he started to feel sexy again. The feeling was really strong this time, stronger then it was earlier that night. Nick put his hand up against Taylor's chest, which was moving up and down with his breathing, then he let his hand travel down to Taylor's stomach, which felt warm. Nick smiled and snuggled up to it with his face. If there was one word that Nick could have used to describe how he felt right then, it would have been gay. He couldn't think of any other word to explain how he was feeling other than to say that he was feeling strong feelings of being gay.

When he looked up at Taylor's face, he noticed that he was slowly waking up. Taylor lifted his head off of the pillow to look down at Nick, who was still snuggled up to his tummy, and Nick took note of the fact that Taylor's eyes were slowly blinking, a sure sign that he was still waking up.

"What time is it?" Taylor asked, but before Nick could answer, he turned and looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand next to Nick's bed.

"I was cold," Nick said. "So I got up and told my dad to turn the AC down."

"It doesn't feel as cold as it was," Taylor yawned.

"Your tummy's still nice and warm," Nick told him with a smile, sitting up and moving back toward his pillow. When he rested his head on it, he reached over and rubbed Taylor's chest softly. Without having to be told what Nick wanted, Taylor reached out with his right hand and ran his fingers back through Nick's hair, then the two of them snuggled closer.

The feeling of Taylor's fingertips against his scalp was making Nick's head spin, so he closed his eyes for a moment to enjoy the sensation, and that's when Taylor surprised him by planting a kiss on his cheek. When Nick opened his eyes, Taylor was smiling at him sweetly, but there was a hint of shyness in his smile that Nick found irresistible.

Without thinking twice about it, Nick leaned over and put his lips up against Taylor's lips and moved in with his tongue. Taylor didn't fight it, but he didn't push back with his tongue either. Nick felt his tongue hit Taylor's tongue and he moved his tongue back and forth over it, then he broke the kiss. Taylor had a huge smile on his face when Nick broke the kiss, so he moved back down and did it again. He felt his tongue up against Taylor's tongue this time, but it wasn't as sexy this time as it was the first time, so he broke the kiss again. Taylor was still smiling at him, but Nick knew that he didn't enjoy the second kiss like he enjoyed the first one.

"You don't like it when I do that," Nick asked, feeling a little nervous.

"It's just that it's kind of gross because your tongue has your spit on it," Taylor answered honestly.

"I won't do it anymore then," Nick promised. "Can I still kiss you on the lips sometimes?"

Taylor smiled and nodded his head at Nick, who rested his head on his chest and let him wrap his arms around him.

"Do you like me," Nick asked.

"Of course I like you," Taylor said softly. "We're friends."

Nick knew that Taylor didn't understand the question the way he meant it, so he decided to let it go.

"Did you like what we did?" Nick asked.

"Yes," Taylor answered in a soft voice. Nick knew he was getting sleepy again, so he decided to stay silent and curl back up with him.

"Goodnight Nick," Taylor said sleepily as he wrapped his arms around Nick.

"Goodnight Taylor," Nick said. "I love you."

"I love you too Nick," Taylor said.

"Taylor?" Nick started.

"What?" Taylor yawned.

"Can I give you one more kiss before we go to bed," Nick asked hopefully.

When Nick asked, he only wanted to give Taylor a kiss on the lips. He didn't want Taylor to feel grossed out by his tongue, and he didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable. So as he waited for an answer, he didn't expect to feel Taylor's mouth come up to his, but he did. As he pressed his lips up to Taylor's, suddenly, he felt Taylor's tongue come through his lips and into his mouth. Nick opened his eyes and saw Taylor's smiling face, so he pressed back with his own tongue and for the first time, he French kissed Taylor for real. As he felt his tongue moving up against Taylor's he felt electricity running through him and he never wanted it to end. When Taylor broke the kiss, he laid his head back down on the pillow and said, "That was so gross."

"How come you did it then," Nick asked.

"I don't know," Taylor answered. "I just wanted to do it for you."

"Thank you," Nick said. "I love you Taylor. I mean it."

"I love you too, Nick," Taylor said. "Let's go to sleep."

"Ok," Nick said, then he reached up and planted one more kiss with his lips on Taylor's lips.

Taylor put his arms back around Nick and soon they were asleep.

The next morning Nick opened his eyes and he could hear his dad and Lori downstairs in the kitchen. He looked at Taylor, who was still holding him with his arms, and he smiled. He looked so cute to Nick. He had a serious look on his face, even though he was asleep, and it made Nick feel dreamy. He thought about everything they did the night before and how they French kissed, and soon Nick was starting to get that gay feeling again. He felt a little guilty about the night before, but he also felt excited about it. He put his face up to Taylor's so that their lips were almost pressing up against each other, then he hugged up against his chest again.

In his mind, he started to have a fantasy that he was waking up with his husband, and that they were going downstairs to eat breakfast and spend the day together. Taylor opened his eyes and yawned, then he smiled at Nick, who moved his arm down and put it around his waist. Nicks lips were right where they needed to be for a kiss, and he was feeling sexy and gay again, so he pressed them up to Taylor's and held them there for a moment, then he pulled them away. Taylor didn't say anything. Instead, he smiled at Nick and kept his arms where they had been all night, wrapped around Nick. Finally, he spoke up.

"I have to pee," Taylor said as he stretched his legs out but kept his arms around Nick.

"Me too," Nick said. "But I don't want to move."

"Me either," Taylor answered, but he eventually let go of Nick and stretched his arms out. They got up and walked together to the bathroom, and when they were done, they went back to Nick's room. Just as they were about to close the door, James' door opened up and he came out, still half asleep.

"Hi James," Taylor said as he stood in the doorway.

"Morning Taylor, morning Nick," James said sleepily as he walked to the bathroom. Nick knew that he had to leave his door open now, or James was going to know what was going on. He turned on the TV with his remote and sat down on the beanbag with Taylor to watch cartoons. While they sat there, Nick snuggled up next to Taylor and let his mind wander back to what they had done the night before and even the kiss he gave him this morning. Taylor wrapped his arm around Nick and rubbed his back, and Nick felt like he was in heaven. He liked being in Taylor's arms, and he felt like he was being protected by his boyfriend, who he loved and would do anything for. He felt proud to be there on the beanbag with Taylor, and even though he decided that he still wasn't ready to come out, he felt happy and proud of the way he was feeling so gay right now. Part of him wanted to show it off to everyone, but another part of him knew that he couldn't. That would mean that he would have to tell everyone that he was gay, and he wasn't ready for that.

Instead, he just snuggled up with Taylor and looked up at him dreamily, wanting another kiss from him. He buried his nose in Taylor's chest and inhaled his smell, then he looked up and smiled at him. Taylor smiled back at him and Nick almost died. He finally settled down and rested his head up against Taylor's chest while they watched cartoons. From his room, Nick could see the top of the staircase and when he saw James go downstairs, he thought about attacking Taylor again. As he was running through it in his mind, a commercial came on and Taylor stood up.

"Can we go downstairs?" Taylor asked. "I'm kinda hungry."

"Okay," Nick answered. "It smells like my dad and Miss Lori are making breakfast."

When they got downstairs to the family room, James was on the couch sitting next to Jim. He was still waking up, and he had his head resting on Jim's shoulder. Jim had his arm around James and was rubbing his back.

"Good morning, boys," Jim said with a smile as they came into the room. Nick felt a little jealous of James when he saw that he was sitting with his dad, so he immediately tried to get closer to his dad.

"Good morning daddy," Nick said as he climbed up onto his dads lap and gave him a hug.

"Good Morning Mr. J." Taylor said. Taylor decided a few weeks after James showed up that it would be best to call Jim by a different name. He was used to calling him Mr. James, but now that James was here, it got confusing for him, so he shortened it. Now Jim was Mr. J, at least as far as Taylor was concerned.

"Hey," Jim said looking down at Nick. "Why are you being jealous?"

Nick looked up at his dad and grinned. He knew he was caught. Nick would always come and try to climb all over his dad whenever he started feeling jealous of any attention he would give James. By now, Jim could tell when Nick was doing it out of affection or when he was doing it out of jealousy.

"I'm not," Nick fibbed. Jim cut his eyes at him with a disbelieving look, so Nick got down, went to the love seat, and sat next to Taylor.

When Lori finished breakfast, everyone went into the kitchen and sat down at the table to eat. Nick noticed that he was doing something peculiar, but he couldn't seem to help himself. The whole time they were eating, Nick was acting gay. He knew he was doing it, but he didn't know why, and he couldn't stop it. He kept talking about the cute boys at his school and who he would marry, and about cute guys in commercials and on TV. He was purposely saying things to try to make Taylor jealous, but he didn't know why. He tried to stop, but he felt like he couldn't. When breakfast was over, he got up to walk away from the table and he even felt like he was walking funny. He had the urge to shake his butt when he walked, and he did. Then he said something out loud to everyone that caused them all to stop what they were doing, even James.

They were in the backyard sitting together on the patio. It had warmed up and turned nice outside, so while James was taking Skalaki outside to go to the bathroom, they all decided to go sit in the sun. While they were sitting there, Nick was telling Taylor about a boy he had seen at Video Update who he thought was cute.

"You seem to have a lot to say about boys today," Jim said with a warm smile. "How come?"

"I feel really gay today," Nick said nonchalantly. Everyone stopped to turn and look at him, even James.

"What do you mean, buddy," Jim asked.

Nick looked around the yard at everyone. They were all waiting for his answer, but instead of answering, he put his head down and said, "Never mind."

"Come on, son," Jim said standing up from his seat. "Let's go inside and talk."

Nick got up from his seat and took Jim's hand. As they walked toward the patio door, he turned back and looked at Taylor, who had a strange look on his face. Nick let his dad lead him into the house, where he closed the door and sat down on the couch. As he moved toward his dad on the couch, Nick had a bad feeling that he was in a lot of trouble.

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