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I Cannot Understand You, So You Aren't Intelligent: The Ghroum


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The Ghroum, as we stand back and look at what horrors were done, we have hardly asked the question; Why? If the Empire under the Blackwell monarchy was capable of what it did, what does it say about humanity in general? As we have seen, they are quite willing to take the most inspried creations from Earth's past and continue the practice of performing it, and hardly ever give a thought to what it meant.

Our scientists, some of the most trusted people on our planet, the ones we trust our health and well being to, the ones who are trusted to keep us from diseases which in the past have decimated entire populations, are not disinclined to blur and fudge the truth. They have, until having their noses rubbed in it by a PhD. Student thesis (the student studied at University of British Columbia, in Vancouver where I live.) supported the claim that no animals engaged in homosexual activity. They brushed off the most blatant examples as male dominance rituals or some nonsense like that. It took a post graduate student, working mostly on his own, to produce "Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity", based on existing research but simply not published or spoken about. The biologists involved refused to call a spade a spade. They excused the behavior as anything but what it was, or simply ignored its existence so Bruce Bagemihl, Ph.D., it as material for a thesis. I think he encountered more than a little opposition to this work.

Our own scientists have not been honest with us in many cases, choosing instead to encourage religious mumbo jumbo instead of using their "scientific method". It seems this did not change in the centuries between now and events on Altinestra.

A genocide as attempted by the Empire. Because the humans did not understand the Ghroum, and did not take the time nor did they even think that what they saw in the facial expressions of the Ghroum did not match what they regarded as a universal chart of human emotions. They concluded the Ghroum were dangerous. This YouTube video <

> explains these universal emotions as seen by every human culture on earth. Of course this does not apply to felius catus (house cat) or canis lupis famliaris (domestic dog). If you think your dog or cat is smiling, think again, you're imposing your own human ideas on your pet.

I could tell that our pet Boxer wanted, craved and loved chocolate because at the mere mention of the word chocolate, she would start salivating to the point of drooling. But that wasn't a smile. Certainly it was some sort of emotion but I cannot pinpoint it exactly enough to be able to spot the same type of reaction to something else where it might be more subtle.

So, our descendants in the Empire, learned not one whit from us here in the 21st century, and continued to make the same wrong headed, stupid assumptions we've been making.

However, I will admit that where if you looked for animal homosexuality in google before the popularization (publication in Pocket Book format), you would have found next to nothing, now you get pages and pages on it.

What do we know about the Ghroum? Really next to nothing. Exactly what are they teaching Charlie and Jamie? Do they communicate with Giovanni? Are they increasing in number? How do they procreate?

Those are all interesting questions, but that glosses over the ugly truth. The humans in the Empire are not any better than the worst of the tyrants here on Earth to date. In other words, the "Enlightened Ones" have learned in fact, nothing. They are making the same mistakes we ourselves have made in the past.

Will Croal's seven sided dice change anything? Will the new Icarian species leave behind the self-centered assumptions human beings lived with and apparently exported off world?

Will my two stars ever see humans change their ways?



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I agree, there's not much we know about the Ghroum. Did they communicate thru grunts and growls before they evolved to communicate telepathically? We know that Master Sak ki had a device that let him communicate with Nic when he was teaching him. Did such a device exist before most of them were wiped out? We may never know.

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OMG NO!!!! Noooooo!!!!! I was just correcting a long reply to Talon when Firefox suddenly crashed (I'm using a beta version) and I've lost the post I think. We'll see if it turns up by some feat of magic or one of those quantum chance events physicists like to talk about.

I'f It doesn't reappear, I'll see If I can reconstruct it. There was a long intricate stream of logic in it I'm not sure if I can reproduce ....

cheers, (shaking his fist at the universe!)


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