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World of Darkness/Destiny Universe

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A new story universe is about to appear at Castle Roland, it would appear. It is fantasy, paranormal based and the teasers suggest it might be good. It is a collaboration between a quartet of authors, each author writing a particular thread.

If you are Ricky don't read any further, I'm being mean and critical again (TR, emoticons don't open and have you found that raspberry one yet?)

There are downsides, of course. If the threads interconnect or are interdependent then we can expect long delays or even a complete withering before too long as different writers encounter writers block, real life, fall out or other interests intervene.

A big downside for me is one of the authors is Kyle - another string in an already full bow - meaning even less Kandric, Brile, etc.

Ah well, we have to be grateful for what we get, better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all and all that, although I do sympathise with folk who won't read a story unless it is complete as there are huge numbers of truly excellent stories by truly talented authors out there that have withered away, plus an unfortunate number of similarly talented authors with excellent stories that never seem to finish a story.

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