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The Talon House



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Dale was a well known photographer and he get invited to famous

stars and political events to snap pictures

Dale has a friend name Earl who lives in the same town he does

and is known by everyone in town

Hey Earl i gotta go to hollywood tonight and take pictures of

Burt Reynolds

ol Burt huh! said Earl, well tell Burt that ol' Earl said hi

Dale smile and went to catch the plane

he arrived to the events and snap pictures of Burt and then he

remember and said to Burt, ol' Earl said hi!

Burt smile and said well i be, you tell ol' Earl that Burt said hi back

which Dale took as a i don't want to be rude on who Earl is

and just let it go

when he got home he told ol' Earl and Earl smile, yup that ol' Burt

for ya

a few days later Dale was summon to the White House to snap

picture of the President and he told Earl about it

really? well tell ol' Dubya that ol' Earl said hi

Dale didn't know if he should but try it anyway

after arriving and snap pics after pics he told the President that

ol' Earl said hi

ol' Earl huh! me and the First Lady was talking about him the other

day and we wonder how ol' Earl been doing?

tell him that we said hi right back at him

Dale now was confuse, did he really know ol' Earl?

back home he tell Earl and he said. that ol Dubya for you!

so Earl i gotta go to rome and take photographs of the pope

the Pope err, well tell the Pope that ol' Earl said hi

Dale now wide eyes thought no way he know the pope?

Dale stood with the crowd in rome and waited for the

Pope to come out on the balcony and waves

he see the Pope walk out and then see ol' Earl walk out with him!

then Dale fainted!?

when Dale woke up he see ol' Earl standing beside him

Dale! you alright? i told ya i knew the Pope

Dale look at Earl a minute then he said

Yeah i know ya did, i was fine when you walk out of the balcony

with him

but when the guy standing next to me said

hey, who is that with ol' Earl i fainted

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