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Darroot Tea


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Sometimes it pays to re-read something several times.

We learned in Book 2 that Darroot Tea was found to help lessen the affects of memory loss due to the Cold Sleep process.

We know that Castor gave Jamie all the Tea he had, to be given to Charlie.

In Book 1, we learn that Phillipe has most of his memories because he was given a dose of the Tea at the same time that Damian received it. Phillipe received his does some time before going into a cryo unit.

If Jamie and Nic had taken any, it was as they went into their unit. This could account for their memory loss, they didn't take it soon enough for it to take effect. The same could be the same for Cody and the others.

Then there's Charles. Being Red and Black, we know he can't be trusted. He's lead everyone to believe that he doesn't remember a lot but when you think about what we read in Book 2, he had taken his last dose of the Tea while waiting the hov with Jonathan's cryo unit.

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An interesting discusion. Now I'll have to go back and reread. Maybe with a strong cup to jostle the memory. Hmmm, do they make a Darroot Decafe?

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