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Fabric softener sheets have more uses than keeping the laundry soft, smelling clean and free of static cling.

Here's five "unconventional" tips for using fabric softener sheets:

1. For baked-on food: Soak overnight in a water filled pan with a sheet. It loosens the bonds between the pan and the baked-on food.

2. For pet hair on furniture: Rub furniture with a dryer sheet to collect loose hair.

3. For those not-so sweet smelling gym shoes: Place one sheet in each shoe overnight to deodorize them.

4. For dusty venetian blinds: Rub blind after cleaning to prevent less dust build-up.

5. For static cling, especially during the winter months: Rub a damp used dryer sheet to curb static cling.

Sourse: Essortment.com

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