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`Passion Of The Christ' Gets A Thumb Down From God


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`Passion Of The Christ' Gets A Thumb Down From God

CORINTH, Miss. (Wireless Flash) -- "The Passion of the Christ" will be released on DVD tomorrow (Aug. 31) but don't expect God to pop it into his player.

At least, that's the word from a self-proclaimed "Mississippi Messiah" who believes he's the head honcho of heaven.

Bill Godwin says the Mel Gibson movie, from what he's heard, is too violent and gory for viewing by "little people" -- his term for children -- so he doesn't want to watch it either.

The self-proclaimed God also thinks the movie's R-rated content wouldn't be approved of by his son, saying, "Jesus wouldn't want for children to watch it."

Meanwhile, the Big Guy has other things on his mind right now besides watching movies: He worries someone might be out to kill him.

Godwin claims a fellow "prophet" was killed in the next county over and the tires of Godwin's car were slashed recently, giving him reason to question his own immortality.


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