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Politics Goes To The Dogs


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Politics Goes To The Dogs

PHOENIX (Wireless Flash) -- A Phoenix-based dog toy maker is putting the bite on the presidential elections with a pooch poll.

Jeff Burrows is the co-creator of a line of partisan squeaky chew toys and has created the website petpeevespoll.com to let pets vote for their favorite presidential candidate.

If you need to figure out if your dog is a Democrat or Republican, the site has a test to help determine before you cast your dog's ballot.

For example, Democratic dogs display affection in public; urinate only in designated areas to show concern for the environment; bury bones in the closet; and respond to commands in three languages.

Republican rovers, on the other hand, make no display of affection in public; urinate all over the house and cover it up with carpet deodorizer; ask for questions ahead of time; and bury retirement pensions.

So far, 14,472 canines have cast their vote, and John Kerry is leading with 53 percent.


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