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Todays bad name comes from West Lafeyette, Ind. This persons last name is DOWN. This is one of those words, that anything can go with, like get down, down south, Including this guys name, Mark Down.

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Guest brit18uk
The Bad Name Of The Day Master List - Part 1

1. Harden Long - Wisconson

2. A Hah - California

3. A Goodgirl - Missour

4. Ho Phat - NY

5. A M. Bowling - Tennesee

6. Harry Beavers - Utah

7. Ginger Clam - LA

8. A Toke - Alaska

9. Anita Holm - Maryland

10. A T. Last - Kansas

11. Wan king - London Chinese Restaurant

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This week will be Harry week. Hopefully I'll remember to post all the names this week. All names this week will have Harry in the name.

Todays bad name is...

Harry Balls

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Today's segment began by talking about actor/comedian Tim Allen. It seems Tim's real last name is Dick. It also appears this last name is more common than we realize.

You've probably been expecting this all week, I know I have, but living in Pittsburgh, Pa, you WILL find one Harry Dick.


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I know I've said this before, but what are some parents thinking when they name their kids. In the case of the last name Seimen, you need to be careful what name you pick.

Todays Bad Name is Drew Seimen. 4_11_8[1].gif:rolleyes:

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In Delmar Alabama live one Buster Cherry. 10_1_17[1].gif

Here's one I've run across in my dealings with Invision Power recently. This is the name of one of the Tech's, Blake Cheatham.

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