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New Movie Tells Igor's Side Of Story


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New Movie Tells Igor's Side Of Story

VENICE, Ca. (Wireless Flash) -- Most people think of Igor as Dr. Frankenstein's stupid humpbacked assistant, but the producer of an upcoming film hopes to put that impression to rest.

Animation executive Max Howard -- who has worked on films like "Space Jam" and "Aladdin" -- is now working on a CGI-animated film about the hunchback called -- what else? -- "Igor."

The proposed film will show how the hapless assistant dreams of becoming a mad scientist in his own right and winning the coveted first place award at the annual Evil Science Fair.

Although Igor has been a common presence in many classic horror films, Howard says his side of the story usually gets short shrift. In his words, "Every mad scientist has an Igor but no one really knows how he feels."

Howard hopes his film changes things because he figures, "Igors have to know something about science because, otherwise, they'd be useless to the mad scientists."

He has yet to cast Igor's voice, but if all goes according to his plan, "Igor" should be hitting screens in April, 2007, with dolls based on the character following shortly thereafter.


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