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Woman Test-Driving Car Finds Python Under Hood


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Woman Test-Driving Car Finds Python Under Hood

POSTED: 9:41 am EDT September 10, 2004

POTSDAM, N.Y. -- A northern New York woman taking a used car out for a test drive found a little something extra under the hood. A big snake.

When Margaret Brusso took a 1999 Honda Accord out for a ride, she noticed the car's hood was ajar. She decided to take a look at the engine. That's when she came eye-to-eye with the snake.

Brusso let out a scream. A neighbor came over with a pail to help out, then decided the snake was too big for him to handle.

A sheriff's deputy with experience handling snakes was dispatched to the scene and corralled the ball python, an African snake that can grow up to six feet in length.

The snake had escaped from its tank earlier this summer. It has since been returned to its owner.

Copyright 2004 by The Associated Press. All rights reserved


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