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Drinks for Free?


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Drinks for Free?

One night these two men wanted to go out for drinks, but they didn't have any money. so the first man said, "No problem. I have an idea"

So the two proceeded to the closest bar and ordered their drinks. the second man asks, "Now what's your plan?"

The first man said, "I'm gonna put this hot dog down my pants and then you unzip me and suck the hot dog. then the two would for sure be thrown out of the bar."

The second man was unsure but agreed. as soon as the bill came he dropped to his knees and began to suck. His plan worked. the two were quickly thrown out of the bar. they proceeded to do this in bars all over town without ever having to pay.

Finally the second man said, "Man, I'm drunk enough. That was a good plan."

The first man said yea but I lost the hot dog three doors back.."

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