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Pass Gas In Copy Room If You Want Promotion


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Pass Gas In Copy Room If You Want Promotion

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- If you want to move up in the corporate world, don't pack your own lunch but do pass gas in the copy room.

That's the advice from authors Brad Embree and Jared Shapiro, who wrote the book, "Going Corporate: Moving Up Without Screwing Up" (St. Martins).

Shapiro says by bringing lunch to work it's shows you are a penny-pincher, while when you eat out, you project the image of being someone important.

As Shapiro puts it, "It says a lot about your image."

Even knowing where to "let one fly" shows a lot about who you are and who you want to be.

Embree suggests farting in the copy room -- if your office has one -- because it's well ventilated from the heat generated by the equipment, minimizing your trail.

Learning the etiquette of things that seem unimportant enhances what the two call the "Promotional Potential."

Their book offers advice on how to move up the corporate ladder from fishing off the company pier to when to speak out against your boss.

"Going Corporate: Moving Up Without Screwing Up" hits bookstores September 23.


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