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Tabby Survives Wash-and-Spin Ordeal


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Tabby Survives Wash-and-Spin Ordeal

By Liam Creedon, PA News

A kitten made a miraculous recovery after getting trapped inside a washing machine for an entire wash cycle, it was revealed today.

Toreilles, a 15-month-old tabby, survived his one-hour, 40 degree C wash and spin in the machine last week.

He suffered haemorrhages to both his ears and eyes and lacerations to his tongue.

The kitten has spent the last eight days being looked after by vets in Bristol while he recuperates.

His owner Debbie Sainsbury, 44, an education officer from Horfield, Bristol, said she was amazed the cat had survived the ordeal.

She said: “I’ve just picked him up from the vets. To tell the truth he seems fine.

“He lost 40 per cent of his tongue and some teeth, he’s got flickery eyes and a bit of a drunken walk.

“It’s just amazing that he survived – the water in those machines is very hot and there’s lots of detergent which can’t have done him any good.

“My son Kit is only eight and he was heartbroken when the cat went missing. He’ll be over the moon when he sees him again.”

The escapade began last Sunday when Toreilles ran into his neighbour’s back garden.

It emerged that the cat had got inside the washing machine and settled down for a sleep among the clothes inside.

The neighbour, unaware that the kitten was inside, had closed the washing machine door and started the programme.

The neighbour only noticed Toreilles when he opened the machine door after the cycle and the cat fell out on to the floor.

Mrs Sainsbury said: “Apparently he just dropped out when the door opened. He was exhausted and tried to stagger to his feet but just fell over.”

The cat was taken to the Bristol RSPCA centre where it was looked after. But the Sainsbury family had become concerned after they failed to see the cat for two days.

Desperate for information on their pet, they printed and posted leaflets around the neighbourhood.

A sign was left at their home last Tuesday saying Toreilles had been found and was at the RSPCA Centre.

Mrs Sainsbury added: “My heart jumped when I saw the sign. I went straight to the RSPCA centre that evening and there he was.

“He couldn’t walk, but was purring and very much alive.”

The Sainsbury family have been left with a £900 vet bill.

Sheelagh Houlden from the Zetland Veterinary Hospital in Bristol treated Toreilles.

She said: “I am amazed he is in such good shape considering what he’s been through. To be honest, I think he was fairly lucky to be alive.”


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