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Police station not the place for sex


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Police station not the place for sex

13 September 2004

A Whangarei couple could not have picked a worse place to exhibit their passion when lust overcame them late on Friday night - in the garden in front of the city's police station.

Sergeant Murray Stapp said a man and woman in their early 20s were caught having sex in the small garden in front of the police station at about 10pm on Friday.

Mr Stapp said the pair were discovered after a visitor to the police station reported seeing a person possibly unconscious in the garden.

This prompted several officers to go to the front of the station fearing that somebody was drunk or had been knocked unconscious.

Mr Stapp shone his torch into the bushes in the garden and saw a man's feet.

A closer examination showed the man was partly undressed and actually on top of a woman who was in a similar state of undress.

"It was pretty obvious then what they were up to, we caught them in action," Mr Stapp said.

He told the man that the front of a police station was not the most appropriate place for expressing his passion but the man, who had been drinking, did not realise that was where they were.

The officer then gave the pair a stern talking to but he did not have the heart to charge them so they were given a warning.

Mr Stapp said patrolling police officers discovered couples in the act of sex once or twice a year.

"But it's not that common to catch them doing it here," he said.


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