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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs (Fri)


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Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (Wireless Flash) -- One female burglar has become the butt of jokes when a would-be victim sat on the woman until authorities arrived. Fifty-two-year-old Rick Fisk, standing six-foot two, and weighing 280 pounds, returned to his Cedar Rapids, Iowa, home earlier this week to find 34-year-old Julie Dye holding some of his possessions. When she fled, Fisk tackled her in his front yard and sat on her, calling for his neighbors to call the police. Fisk told the AP, "When they don't want to go to jail, they are a handful."

FAIRFIELD, N.Y. -- A New York father should win the Worst Father of the Year award. Eric Carney faces child endangerment charges after his two-year-old girl got drunk. Troopers say Carney was at a friend's house when he gave his two-year-old daughter a taste of beer. When he returned the toddler to her mother, she noticed something was wrong and took the girl to the hospital where it was discovered the girl had a blood alcohol level of .14, nearly twice the legal limit for an adult. Carney says his little girl must have drank more on her own while he wasn't looking.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Too much goofing around can get you in trouble. A man playing Goofy has been suspended at Walt Disney World after being accused of shoving two other workers. Two photographers at Disney's Animal Kingdom say Michael Chartrand -- the same man who was cleared last month on claims he molested a teenager while playing Tigger at the Magic Kingdom -- came up to them in his Goofy costume and shoved them in the chest. Chartrand's lawyer says he was just, "goofing around because he is Goofy."

AUCKLAND, New Zealand -- Drunk-driving prevention is going down the toilet in New Zealand. Urinals in pubs and hotels across kiwi country will soon feature signs displaying anti-boozing and cruising messages when soaked by warm liquid. The "New Zealand ""Herald "reports the messages will say either: "If you drink then don't drive, you're a bloody legend" while a picture of a taxi comes up or: "If you drink then drive, you're a bloody idiot" as a picture of a wrecked car is displayed. Each message disappears when the urinal cools down, ready to be re-activated by the next tinkler.


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