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The Talon House

a Desert Island


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A plane crashes on a desert island and only three men survive.

As the men come to their senses they see another man approching them, as he gets closer he speaks to them,

"There is only one port on this island where you can get a ship to safety" he says, "However, I am a cannibal and i'm hungry so i'm going to make you a deal"...

"I'm going to get my dick out and if all three of your dicks put together are of equal size or bigger then i'll guide you to the port, if they are smaller I will kill you all and eat you".

All three men readily agree thinking there's no possible way they can lose.

As the cannibal gets his dick out, they see it's 20 inches long!

The first man of the three gets his out and it's 10 inches long, feeling confident now, the second man gets his 9 inches out. Finally the third man gets his dick out and although its only 1 inch long the trio still win the bet.

The cannibal keeps his word and leads them to safety. Sometime later on the boat home the first man begins to brag...

"You two are lucky my dick is 10 inches long you know", he says to his companions. They agree and congratulate the man on havin such a long p****.

After a while the second man says, "You two are very lucky my dick is 9 inches long or we would of been eaten by that cannibal back there", once again, his two companions agree.

As the night nears its end they ask the third man his thoughts on the experience, "All I have to say" begins the third man, "is that you two are damn lucky I had an erection"

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