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Sexual Education


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A math teacher gets called to the principal's office one day and the principal says to him, "We need a new Sex-Ed teacher and you are it."

The Math teacher exclaims, "But I have never taught Sex-Ed before what am I going do?"

The principal replies, "Well, you have until Monday to think of something, because that is when the class starts."

The math teacher decides that he is going to use flash cards to teach the Sex-Ed class, because they have worked extremely well in teaching his math class.

On Monday morning, the teacher is feeling very confident. He walks into the room, and begins to teach the class. He holds up the first flash card and asks, "Can anybody tell me what this is?"

Little Jill stands up and replies, "That's a breast and my mommy has two."

The math teacher says, "That's right Jill! It is a breast, and your mommy does have two."

The math teacher grabs the next flash card and asks, "Can anybody tell me what this is?

Little Johnny raises his hand and replies, "I know. That is a dick, and my daddy has two."

The math teacher says, "That's right Johnny it is a dick, but your daddy only has one."

Little Johnny stands up and says, "Nope my daddy has two! He has a small one that he uses to pee, and a big one that he brushes mommy's teeth with."

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