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The Italian Job Stunt Track, A New Kind of Coaster, Heads for Kings Island and Canada's Wonderland

Sometimes just building a coaster is not enough. Sometimes, there just has to be ... something extra. At Paramount's Kings Island and Paramount's Canada's Wonderland in 2005, that something extra will include twisting through a parking garage, near-collisions, racing down stairs and through tunnels, crashing through a billboard, and gunfire from a helicopter.

Paramount Parks, BMW, and Premier Rides have teamed up to bring us The Italian Job Stunt Track, based on 2003's modestly successful film "The Italian Job."

Like its slightly older cousin, Revenge of The Mummy at two Universal Studios, The Italian Job Stunt Track installations will feature multiple launches (or peel-outs, to use the Paramount parlance) and stops during the ride.

"This new stunt concept offers the perfect combination of Hollywood special effects and coaster thrills," according to PKI's general manager Craig Ross. Designed as an exciting thrill ride that families can enjoy together, in line with findings from Paramount's market research department, The Italian Job Stunt Track will have guests seated in special Mini Coopers (here's where BMW comes in), which have been tricked out with audio special effects equipment. Each car - actually, train of three cars, each holding twelve riders - will roar throuhg a series of scenes inspired by the chase sequence at the end of the film.

This is only a portion of the orginal article.

Article written by William Moschke and published in ACE News

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