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Speaking of Hershey Park!

Hersheypark sues over cost of roller coaster

by Mark Scolforo

Asspcoated Press writer

HARRISBURG - Less than three months after it began promoting a new roller coaster for next season, the company that owns Hersheypark has sued the ride's manufacturer for allegedly jacking up the price to cover skyrocketing steel costs.

Hershery Entertainment & Resorts Co. claims in a federal lawsuit that Interactive Rides Inc., of Logan, Utah agreed to a $2 million purchase price for the "Turbulence" ride in April 2004, then informed Hershey last month (Nov) it would need $1.12 million more to build it.

"We've been planning for what's to be our 11th coaster for over a year now. Recently, however, the manufacturer informed us they will not build the ride as specified on the contract," said Garrett F. Gallia, Hershey Entertainment's director of corparate relations.

The breach-of-contract and fraudulent-inducement lawsuit cites a letter sent by Interactive Rides a month before the contract was signed, promising the price would not change.

Hershey Entertainment said it has already paid $400,000 toward the cost of the coaster and is seeking unspecified damages.

Interactive Rides' vice president of sales, Val Potter, said Thursday that the 4-year-old corporation, which has about 30 employees, was reviewing the lawsuit. He added that the company still had an agreement to install the ride and "was anxious to work this out."

The run-up in steel prices" came as a shock" to his company, Potter said. "When we actually got down to getting our design out to the fabricators, the increase was a huge amount to us."

This article appeared in the local newpaper during my time away and was given to me by one of my staff at work, so the orginal date of this article is unknown, but was in the paper sometime before Christmas.


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