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High Risk Behaviors


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Common sense is probably your best protection against getting a sexually transmitted disease. This is the key to understanding and avoiding the kind of risky behavior that you’ll later regret.

Anonymous sex/one night stands

It’s a situation familiar to many. You’re at a bar or a big party. Your eyes meet someone else’s. The liquor and conversation are flowing and before you know, you’re back at your place in bed together. Caught up in the moment, you forgo protection and wake up the next morning with more than a hangover to show for last night’s spontaneous passion.

This isn’t to say don’t talk to strangers at bars/parties, but merely to think before you act. If you want to let loose, try to have someone with you to watch your back. And if you think this curtails your fun, imagine how much fun you’ll have if you catch something.

Unprotected sex

Although this shouldn’t be an issue, especially after a generation subsequent to the rise of AIDS, many people still think “It won’t happen to me.” And maybe it won’t but is it really worth the risk? Protected sex can still be a passionate and pleasurable experience for both partners. And it’s definitely one in which the benefits far outweigh the consequences.

Multiple partners

Like one-night stands, having multiple partners can seem like a good idea at the time, only to turn into something bad later on. The wisdom tells you that when you sleep with someone, you’re sleeping with every person they’ve ever slept with. And since it’s not likely that you’ll be able to keep tabs on all your partners, either try to limit yourself or make sure you’re well-protected.

Article from Date.info - The Webzine of Date.com

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