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Poppyseeds cost man his license


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Poppyseeds cost man his license

An Austrian driver has lost his license because he failed a drug test after eating a dish containing poppyseeds.

Wolfgang L, 39, had his license withdrawn when a test showed traces of morphine in his urine.

But he denies drug abuse, saying he had recently eaten mohnnudeln, an Austrian speciality consisting of noodles, poppyseeds and fruit.

Reinhard Fous, head police doctor in Vienna, told the Kronenzeitung the man 'wasn't under the influence of drugs' since his blood test came back negative.

Yet, the traces of morphine in his urine showed he wasn't fit to drive, the doctor argued.

But fellow doctor and toxicologist Rainer Schmidt says police were wrong to withdraw Wolfgang L's license.

He is convinced that eating Mohnnudeln doesn't affect anybody's ability to drive a car safely.

"Poppyseed contains morphines, which can indeed be traced in a urine test," Mr Schmidt said.

"The one difference between someone who consumes drugs and someone who eats poppyseed is that an addict shows a much higher concentration of morphine in his body."


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