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Cops banned from saying 'Evening all'


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Cops banned from saying 'Evening all'

Austrian policemen have been banned from greeting residents with a friendly 'Evening all' after complaints from locals.

Grumpy residents in the Austrian town of Mauthausen were so fed up with one friendly officer that they filed a complaint with his superiors.

The complaints went all the way to the top, with one man complaining personally to the Austrian Home Office, and now the Austrian interior ministry has ordered a ban on all friendly greetings.

One man wrote: "I find his behaviour outrageous, and totally out of keeping from what one would expect from an officer of the law."

Another complained the cop, not named for legal reasons, should be out catching criminals rather than wasting his time greeting locals.

The officer that sparked the ban was given a one-and-a-half hour long grilling during a disciplinary hearing by his superiors.

Colonel-sergeant Heinrich Hochstoeger confirmed that the 'Evening All' ban had been ordered as a result of the complaints.

A spokesman for the Austrian police trade union said: "Obviously being friendly is not something the citizens of Austria want from their policemen."


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