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  1. Kyle says that this is a large chapter and covers a lot of plot lines. If that is the case, I wonder if perhaps we are rushing (relatively speaking) to the end of the story. Kyle still has "Re-emergence", "The Defenders", "Adventure Quest", "Brile", "O'Connell's Grenadiers", and "Destiny's Shadow" going. I'm sure that all of his stories occupy a great deal of his time and he still has to deal with the RL tasks of survival, as we all do. Kyle, Jamie and one or two of the other online authors are those that I follow religiously and wait patiently for new chapters
  2. I've noticed the same thing, but also noticed that there are several new stories on the list which would explain "Scrolls" getting pushed off of the bottom. As much as I would love to see "Gold" and "45" posted and the story continued, Jamie's well-being (both mental and physical) is more important. I figure that if I can wait patiently for a year for a new chapter of "Kandric" to be posted, I can wait patiently for anything new for "Scrolls" to be posted. RL does have that nasty habit of showing it's ugly face from time to time.
  3. At the moment, there is nothing more to be said, and I promise not to say it.
  4. I sincerely hope we are getting close to our yearly chapter of Kandric. I too, have been reading, have read "Fire and Ice". As interesting as the first four books were, I found the fifth book "A Dance With Dragons" rather boring and unexciting. Actually, about 1/4 way through it, I put it down and have had no desire to pick it up again. Oh well! Plenty of other reading to keep me occupied while waiting for Kyle and Jamie.
  5. If Jamie is working on "Gold" and '45, what ever happened to "Silver"? Last that I saw was "Bronze".
  6. "Thanks for the memory." I remember listening to the interview when it first appeared at Awesome Dude so it was interesting to listen to it again. I doubt very much if it would change if it were to be conducted now. Provided the questions were the same, I believe that the answers would like wise be the same.
  7. Didn't occur to me that the open area with Rood at it's apex was the result of Jamie's actions, but it does make sense with the amount of energy that he generated. If indeed that is what caused it, the energy expended must have been huge and Jamie is more powerful than he knows at this point in time. Good catch!
  8. Bronze is a very pleasant break from the high drama of the mainline story. As a matter of fact each of the interludes have provided a nice respite from the drama of the story. They also provide that little bit of extra color and background that adds to the overall enjoyment of the story. That being so, I wouldn't expect them to advance the story, that is for the main story. They might add some answers or other information that would be awkward to have in the story. Then again, maybe not. No matter, I enjoy them for what they are. Anyway... It was interesting to see a little of how the Kaloria
  9. Wow! Lots to talk about. We get a picture of what Charles was really about, but having to be extra cautious to having to keep his true agenda a secret, he was blindsided by the 11 Red & Black Legionaries that he thought were loyal to him. Turns out they had evidently been subverted by the smooth talking Hippolito. I also believe that Hippolito was instrumental in the cryo-units that didn't make it to Eagles Rock being lost. Also in Loran being saved. I seem to remember that I made a comment on one of the earlier chapters that I believed that Loka's ultimate goal was to become Emperor. Th
  10. Wasn't here for the grand opening, but am happy to have found and be a part of The Talon House. Hmmmmm... July 14th. Bastille Day VIVA LE TALON HOUSE!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TALON HOUSE and Thank you, Talon Rider. TomasG
  11. That's great that you and Jamie will have another get together. Just too bad that he will have to deal with our TSA thugs and perverts. I have read both books 1 & 2 innumerable times. Sometimes I'll start at the beginning and other times I just start reading in the middle. Or a thought will occur and I'll start reading in the chapter where I think the event that I'm having the thoughts about happened. Then I usually just continue reading. It's easy to understand our little wizard being despondent about what he perceives as his failures, but I'm sure he'll spring back. It will be interes
  12. My biggest hope in regards to The Scrolls is that Jamie will be able to return to his usual posting schedule. Also, It seems like we have lost some of the people that used to post questions and comments making for lively discussions on each of the chapters and the overall story.
  13. Very nice list, but it seems like it's coming late to the game. Very few of the Gladiator Duets, thus far, have been identified in the course of the story. Of course, it may be that more of them will be identified during the battle in Fire Block Canyon. In thinking about it very little, only bits and pieces, have been told about the Gahdar. Why only 50 active duets? Surely there are more gladiators in training and are accomplished enough to make up more active duets. Don't take that as a complaint or a negative reaction to the posting of the list, just curiosity raising it's head. I'm glad t
  14. I don't think that we'll get to the fight with Loran in The Circle Of Ondra until late in part four. Jamie still has Charles' fate to deal with (remember the 44 chapter cliffy ), then the battle in Fire Block Canyon. Also there is the battle at the pass w/Brotus and the Iron Regiment to contend with. After which is the task of getting everyone to The Circle Of Ondra. Then we can have the fight between Jamie and Loran and the outcome of that. And all the while keeping some small tab on the activity of Gude and Hippoleto, although I doubt that they will be fully dealt with until Book Three al
  15. Considering the role that the Unicorn played in this chapter, could it be that in the current timeline, now that Jamie has absorbed the Unicorn Orb, it will act in the same way and negate the Owl and in the Circle of Ondra against Loran reactivate all of the viruses, that I believe were deactivated by the worm that Charles planted in the data stream, and bring Jamie to full power. We know that Jamie doesn't need the Orbs as does Loran. Maybe the events at Rood with the Unicorn were *meant* to focus on the abilities of the Unicorn and not so much on Jamie gaining his full powers. We don't kno
  16. After my usual second reading, I must say that I have to agree with pietro. I too was somewhat disappointed with this chapter. If chapter titles were being used I'd have to name this chapter "Jamie's Pity Party". Awww poor me, it's all my fault. The events at Rood seemed to be excessively drawn out. Nic, the rest of the Gahdar and the captive Kalorians could have all been slaughtered by the time Jamie finished singing with the unicorn and came into his full powers. I mean, after all his mate was in danger. I would have thought that his full powers would have manifested themselves almost inst
  17. I'm inclined to think that Renaud did what he did because he saw Hippoleto when he was resurrected and he wanted to find out just what the situation was before revealing himself. The thing about that leg. The dance slipper wasn't on the foot, just near it. We really don't know if the leg belonged to one of the trio and certainly don't have any idea, at this point, what happened to them. We can only speculate that the leg belonged to one of them and they are dead. Hopefully, that will be addressed in one of the interludes or in the next part of book 2, "The Circle Of Ondra"
  18. http://www.ambrage.com/music/Cheer_Into_Applause.mp3]
  19. Thanks, pietro! I was wondering when or even if a new chapter would be posted.
  20. http://www.ambrage.com/music/Anticipation_cut.mp3
  21. The problem with an addiction, is the cravings only get worse as the time passes without a fix.
  22. That's great! I'll probably be back up to 43 by then.
  23. Book 2 Chapter 18 In the following sentence: The word dearth means a" lack of" or a "scarcity of". Use of the word "dearth" in the context of the sentence doesn't make sense. A better word would be "wealth". "Quite in contrast to the wealth of information available on the life of Jacques de Valèn, the only fact Jamie was able to glean in all his research on Agramos was that he’d been a general during the time of de Valèn."
  24. Thank you TR. I had a great day doing what I usually do on my birthday. No parties. No celebrations. Just whatever I feel like doing. Whatever mood happens to strike. "Twas always thus, and always thus will be." Take Care TomasG
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